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7 DIY Wedding Centerpieces for a Sustainable Celebration

Why buy new when you can make sustainable DIY wedding centerpieces in minutes? These options are sure to be conversation starters.

Written by
Asha Swann

So, you're planning your wedding and you want to keep it as DIY as possible—but there are so many options and so little time. If you're looking to make your own DIY wedding centerpieces for your reception but have no idea where to begin, you've come to the right place.

Between hosting a super sustainable microwedding and wearing a secondhand dress, there are several ways to keep your event as eco-friendly as possible. And at Brightly, we love DIYs—even for weddings. The projects are a great way to cut back on waste, upcycle materials, and create something special.

Check out these simple tutorials for creating your own centerpieces. These easy yet classic-looking centerpieces include straightforward instructions, so you don't have to add extra stress to your big day. Plus, you can get a lot of these items from your local thrift store, craft shop, or even in your own home.

7 DIY Wedding Centerpieces

These adorable beverage chillers are the perfect centerpiece for a low-key wedding without an official bartender.

Keep the wine chilled while your guests eat with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Add extra color by mixing in fresh fruit or flower petals before the water freezes for a unique look at each table.

You can never go wrong with a flower basket! This tutorial is super simple, and you'll likely find wicker baskets that need a new home at local secondhand shops. Add your favorite ribbon and flowers, and you've got a gorgeous centerpiece in just a few minutes.

Dried lavender is a subtle but sweet smell, and these DIY candles add a touch of fragrance to your tables. Aside from pretty table centerpieces, they also make great DIY wedding favors.

Pressed leaves and flowers are a great way to create stunning shadows on your guest's tables if you're having an outdoor wedding.

Thrift stores and secondhand shops are full of retro frames, making this a super easy DIY! Plus, it's customizable: Pick any dried flowers or leaves you'd like.

If you're someone that saves your wine bottles and has no idea what to do with them, this is the DIY for you. Add a pop of metallic color to your tables by spray painting empty wine bottles.

You can even use a stencil to create fun designs, or just add a single color all over for a sleek minimalist look. Add flowers to turn it into a vase! You can also learn how to paint glass so it looks like a ceramic masterpiece.

Foliage and fruit are a gorgeous combo, as seen in famous still-life paintings. And now, with this easy tutorial, you can create a centerpiece using both greenery and colorful fruits.

You can use fresh fruits or artificial fruits—the choice is yours! And if you're looking for added fragrance, try adding cedar leaves to the arrangement.

If you're hosting a beach wedding or you're looking to make your theme more tropical, try making a seashell fishbowl!

Glass bowls can be found at local thrift stores or flea markets. Plus, you can even add in your own sand and hand-picked shells! The DIY wedding centerpieces will give your guests a warm, summer feel.