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11 Eco-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations to Make for the Holidays

Instead of buying new, use what you already have to make these eco-friendly DIY Christmas decorations. There's wreaths, stockings, and beyond.

Written by
Asha Swann
One of the easiest ways to
help the planet this holiday season
doesn't cost a cent. Instead of stocking up on new festive items this year, make DIY Christmas decorations with items you already have lying around your home.
Home decor is one of the easiest things to DIY—especially during the holidays. You can make
DIY Christmas ornaments
for your tree,
eco-friendly wrapping paper
, and DIY Christmas decorations for your mantle, front door, and beyond.
Fallen leaves and pinecones can make an amazing garland, old spice jars can be
into a rustic Advent calendar, and scraps of fabric can make amazing stockings. Here are some fun and eco-friendly DIY Christmas decorations to try for a
zero-waste holiday season

11 DIY Christmas Decorations to Make This Year

Holly Wreath

Creating this festive holly wreath is easy. Use whichever kinds of green fabric you have on hand to create the leaves, then create the berries using red yarn.

Beaded Candy Canes

If you have loads of craft supplies lying around, you're in luck. This tutorial only uses red and white pipe cleaners and beads. Not only is this craft fun, but it's also a great activity for the whole family.

Festive Candlesticks

Give thrift store candlesticks a new life with a quick paint job! This tutorial uses gold paint, but the gold can easily be swapped for red or white, making it the perfect Christmas decor. To top off your new-to-you candlesticks, try a homemade,
DIY candle
. And don't forget your
rechargeable lighter

DIY Garland

Sure, buying pre-made, plastic garland is easy. But it's so much more fun (and eco-friendly) to make your own! By combining natural pine branches with some ribbon and ornaments, you'll have professional-looking home decor in no time.

Christmas Tree Village

You can make your own Christmas tree village using things you already have around your home. When you find your pieces, paint them your colors of choice and add on some fun ornaments. Just skip the glitter to keep the project eco-friendly, as it's a
that can harm the environment.

Christmas Tree Card Display

For this tutorial, you'll need to gather the holiday
greeting cards
you've accumulated over the years. Put them on display with some wall-safe washi tape, and you've got an amazing way to display your favorite cards.

Candy Cane Vase

If you have extra Mason jars lying around (who doesn't?), this is the DIY for you! This tutorial is easy. All you need to do is wrap candy canes around a jar and add some ribbons to hold it all together. The finished product makes a great centerpiece.

DIY Wreath

This is the perfect DIY decor if you have fallen pine branches (or other plants that could use some trimming!) on hand. Simply assemble them around some wire for a fast, homemade wreath.

Scrap Fabric Christmas Stockings

Create your own unique Christmas stockings this year by reusing scrap fabrics—or thrifting some! This sewing pattern is straightforward and easy to follow. Plus, you're preventing
old textiles
from ending up in the landfill.

DIY Pinecone Decor

Found some pinecones when you were raking your lawn? Don't throw them out! Use pinecones and fallen pine are great for DIY Christmas decorations. This one makes for a pretty table centerpiece.

DIY Advent Calendar

This project uses identical, small tins that are covered with festive paper. Instead of buying new containers, consider reusing empty spice jars or even old candle vessels. Fill them with your
favorite candy
and holiday goodies for a unique Advent calendar.