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Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This December

December's sparkle extends to the skies. Here are three celestial events to watch for in December 2022.

celestial events december 2022
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Between the holidays, the official welcoming of
, and the extensive evenings, the year's last month is a time to revel, reflect, and look up. Fortunately, the skies are in on the spirit of celebration, with a number of celestial events to inspire your awe.
December brings a duet of meteor showers and a new moon the darkened skies making for even better viewing. Mark these nights on your calendar and get outside, the better to bid 2022 a worthy farewell.
Taking the time to observe the stars and planets is a free activity that honors the Earth and its place (and ours) in the universe. During the month's parties, outings, and errands, don't forget to stop and scan the skies.

3 December Celestial Events to Watch in 2022

december 2022 celestial events

December 13-14: Geminid Meteor Shower

What better way to welcome the last leg of the season than with the biggest meteor shower of the year? The shower falls for most of the month, but
peaks on the 13th
—slip into your sparkliest attire to echo the occasion.

December 22-23: Ursid Meteor Shower

The Ursids are among the
slower of showers
, averaging five shooting stars each hour. But, considering that the year's last new moon arrives on December 23, the skies during the peak will be pitch black and primed for a high-shine sighting.

December 23: Super New Moon

Bid adieu to the year with a super new moon. While not as striking (or visible) as a super full moon, know that this one will be very close—with all of the fresh-start energy that implies.