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'Coastal Cowgirl' Is One Interior Trend That Can Be Lassoed Sustainably

Want to be a coastal cowgirl? Here's how to try out the TikTok trend, sustainably.

coastal cowgirl tiktok trend
Written by
Calin Van Paris
These days, aesthetic trends trot through our TikTok feeds at impressive speeds (more like a gallop, really), with hyper-specific visual cues like '
vanilla girl
,' '
coastal grandmother
,' and various '-cores' inspiring scrollers to drop everything and invest in a new wardrobe or home decor scheme. Spoiler: This is not necessarily the most sustainable approach.
Fortunately, the latest of social aesthetic—'coastal cowgirl,' currently sitting at
89.3 million views
—calls for
and reclaimed items, making it a fairly eco-friendly option. As a bonus, 'coastal cowgirl' is enduring and adaptable, meaning you won't regret your switch-up.

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'Coastal cowgirl' takes western-inspired items and offers them an elevated spin, melding neutrals, organic inclusions, and vintage accessories for a vibe somewhere between Route 66 and Santa Monica.
Much of what you'll need to take on the trend can be sourced sustainably (like the naturally hewn bedding) or thrifted, making the choice to go cowgirl a low-impact one.
Here, five items to get you started on your beach-bound ride, as inspired by creator
Kyra Francesa

Coastal Cowgirl Starter Pack

1. White Bedding

coastal cowgirl tiktok trend
To begin, white bedding and throw blankets create a clean, fresh foundation. This
down alternative comforter
from Ettitude packs all the fluffy comfort of traditional down, minus the excess environmental impact.

2. Vintage Signs

Head to your favorite
thrift store
and hunt down a selection of highway signs, or simply select one statement-maker. Hang the markers or lean against a wall to inspire daydreams of the open road.

3. Reclaimed Wood

Frames and furniture crafted from reclaimed or unfinished wood provide your space with an effortlessly rustic feel. Consider this your invitation for a room-enhancing DIY.

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4. Rope Detailing

That surplus rope collecting dust in your storage room or garage? It's now a covetable addition to your decor. Repurpose pieces for lasso-inspired curtain ties, wall hangings, and more.

5. Western Accessories

coastal cowgirl tiktok trend
When it comes to 'coastal cowgirl,' knick knacks are your friend. Scour secondhand stores, garage sales, and more for belt buckles, cowboy figurines,
... the possibilities are endless.