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The Shade Provided by Your City’s Trees May Diminish With Global Warming

A new study found tree and shrub species in 150 countries around the world could be killed due to global warming.

city trees global warming
Written by
Calin Van Paris
The best cities are defined by cultural diversity, a great art and music scene, solid
selections, and access to some semblance of nature.
For many metropolises, this translates to lush and landscaped parks, designated areas where humans can get a much-needed dose of greenery and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the trees that decorate our world’s parks weren’t built to withstand the
rising temperatures
that are estimated to come with
climate change
city trees global warming
According to a
recent study
published in the journal Nature Climate Change, between 56% and 65% of tree and shrub species in more than 150 countries around the world are “exceeding temperature and precipitation conditions experienced in their geographic range.” Basically—much like us—they weren’t built for this extreme weather. 
Aside from the respite trees provide, they also cool us and the
surface of our city streets
, which, amid record-breaking heat waves, is a welcome effect. To coincide with a warmer, weirder future, urban planners may have to get as creative as we’re getting in our home gardens, opting for native, drought-tolerant plants and trees that can better withstand the weather.