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Caribou Coffee Just Launched a Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Caribou Coffee just launched a vegan breakfast sandwich featuring Just Egg and dairy-free cheese from Violife at 400 locations nationwide.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

If you've tried to find a plant-based breakfast sandwich out in the wild, you know it's tricky.

While there are some meatless options on the market—like Starbucks' Impossible Breakfast Sandwich—they tend to come with egg and cheese, making them no-gos for anyone who sticks to a vegan diet. But the hunt is getting easier: Caribou Coffee just announced it's launching its first vegan breakfast sandwich nationwide.

According to a recent press release, Caribou Coffee is joining forces with Eat Just Inc. to add its plant-based menu offering to 400 stores for a limited time. The breakfast sandwich features Just Egg—a vegan egg alternative made from mung beans—dairy-free smoked provolone cheese from Violife, roasted tomatoes, and vegan pesto. Everything is served on a warm folded flatbread.

So, what's so great about this sandwich? Aside from being delicious, it also has a lower environmental footprint than other offerings, as it doesn't include any animal products. In fact, the ingredients in Just Egg use 83% less land, 98% less water, and produce 93% fewer carbon emissions than chicken eggs.

"To finally have a delicious and versatile vegan option on our menu showcases our commitment to providing quality products that are not only better for your health, but for the planet," said Matt Reiter, vice president of merchandising and product at Caribou Coffee. "This sandwich is a delicious option for all guests, whether they follow a plant-based diet or not."

Caribou coffeehouses started offering the new vegan breakfast sandwich on Thursday, May 5, so you can order yours today. This launch officially makes Caribou the largest coffee chain to feature Just Egg—and we hope it's only the beginning of these tasty and planet-friendly menu offerings.