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11 Best Thrift Stores in Las Vegas for Eye-Catching Treasures

The best thrift stores in Las Vegas make honoring the city's old-meets-new appeal easy and fun. Here's where to stop and shop.

best thrift stores in las vegas
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Viva, Las Vegas! Sin City may be known for its many vices, but it also has a thriving
secondhand scene
. The best thrift stores in Las Vegas are stocked with vintage dresses, accessories, and streetwear—aka the ideal stylish and sustainable of souvenirs.
scene runs the gamut from designer to deal-deal retro, all at low prices that will ensure you can direct your dollar elsewhere. Bonus: This brand of shopping spree is a touch easier on the planet, too.

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Curating one's wardrobe is an undeniably fun part of being a person, but the fashion industry comes with some serious planetary impact. Not only is it responsible for
20% of all industrial water pollution
, the production of new clothing also comes with an abundance of
Fast fashion
—unethically crafted clothing often purchased in "hauls"—contributes to pollution before ending up in
our landfills
Whether you're rethinking your entire aesthetic or simply need something to wear for an evening spent on the Strip, the 11 best thrift stores in Las Vegas are the ideal place to roll your style dice.

11 Best Thrift Stores in Las Vegas, Nevada

Alt Rebel

best thrift stores in las vegas
Photo: Alt Rebel/
Location: 1409 S Commerce St. Suite 110
Swing by Alt Rebel to buy, sell, or trade for a sustainably reinvigorated wardrobe. Look for items from Vince, Michael Kors, Dr. Martens, and more—all freshly laundered, and at a fraction of the retail price.

Main Street Mercantile

Photo: Main Street Mercantile/
Location: 1235 S Main St.
This small but mighty shop is a one-stop treasure trove. Stock up on well-preserved vintage clothing and memorable antiques or opt to peruse the store's selection of tailored, handmade items.

The Red Kat Vintage

best thrift stores in las vegas
Photo: The Red Kat Vintage/
Location: 1300 S Main St. Suite 110
Red Kat is a community of vintage lovers who believe that throwback pieces should find homes in closets rather than the landfill.
Page through quality pieces primed to upgrade your existing collection with a was of funky flair.

Glam Factory Vintage

Photo: Glam Factory Vintage/
Location: 211 E Colorado Ave.
Fans of memorable accessories would do well to swing by Glam Factory. Colorful bangles, vintage hats, and an endless array of costume jewelry may be all you need to take your going-out attire from zero to Vegas.

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Off the Threads

best thrift stores in las vegas
Photo: Off the Threads/
Location: 1407 S Commerce St.
This vintage boutique boasts denim, graphic tees, retro coats, and more, all alongside a selection of throwback accessories.

Neon Cactus Vintage

Photo: Neon Cactus Vintage/
Location: 1028 E Fremont St. Suite 111
At Neon, the brightly colored selections are for everyone! The store centers inclusivity, diversity, and body positivity, offering clothing in a range of sizes so that everyone can find a perfect piece.

The Hause Collective Las Vegas

best thrift stores in las vegas
Photo: The Hause Collective Las Vegas/
Location: 4300 Meadows Ln. #1120 
Get your streetwear fix at Hause. Tees, sneakers, and jerseys serve as the store's primary stock.

Vintage Vegas Antiques

Photo: Vintage Vegas/
Location: 1229 S Main St.
This store is quintessential Vegas—in fact, Vintage Vegas Antiques claims to have items from every vintage casino in Las Vegas' storied history. In short, this is the ultimate stop for an authentic souvenir.

Mainstreet Peddlers Antique Mall

Photo: Mainstreet Peddlers/
Location: 1400 S Main St.
One of two antique malls in Downtown Vegas' Antique Alley, Mainstreet Peddlers deals in rare and kitschy collectibles and vintage homeware.

On the Arm

Photo: On the Art/
Location:  856 E Sahara Ave.
Vintage and pre-owned clothing and accessories feature alongside new items at On the Arm. No plans to visit Vegas anytime soon? Worry not—the shop has a robust
online presence

The Attic

best thrift stores in las vegas
Photo: The Attic/
Location:  1010 N Main St.
For a standout ensemble styled on the fly, head to The Attic. Vibrantly patterned minidresses, vintage coats, romantic blouses, and more are destined to find a home in your daily rotation.