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11 Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta for Affordable and Eco-Friendly Finds

Aiming to embody the fashionable flavor of the South? Visit the best thrift stores in Atlanta to step into your new style—sustainably, of course.

best thrift stores in atlanta
Written by
Calin Van Paris
The South is a lifestyle. And the best way to step into said style? A day spent scouring local
stores. For those in want of a deal—whether that deal applies to a
vintage sweater
or a retro loveseat—shopping the best thrift stores in Atlanta, Georgia, is the ultimate means of familiarizing yourself with the region's energy.
Your visit (or locals-only afternoon) to Atlanta will likely feature some retail therapy, which makes getting to know the city's thrift stores a must, and the fun and out-of-the-box items that you're bound to discover benefitting you along with the planet.

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The fashion industry uses around
93 billion cubic meters
and is responsible for
20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide
, facts that combine to make the act of enjoying your spend-centric outing slightly difficult—unless you opt for secondhand. Thrifting keeps you looking cool while keeping clothes (
and furniture
) out of the landfill, and directing your dollar toward more sustainable sources of style is one of the most powerful choices you have as a consumer.
To aid in your environmental efforts, we've rounded up the 11 best thrift stores in Atlanta—the better help you to shop 'til you drop while honoring the Earth.

11 Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta, Georgia


Photo: Rag-O-Rama/
Location: 1111 Euclid Ave. NE
Rag-O-Rama is a local favorite offering a cocktail of modern, classic, vintage, and one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories. The store encourages fans to recycle their wardrobe, trading gently used items in (and up!) for ensemble-enhancing pieces designed to stand out.

Lost-n-Found Youth

Photo: Lost-n-Found Youth/
Location: 2585 Chantilly Dr. NE
A retail branch of non-profit Lost-n-Found Youth, the organization's thrift store supports outreach, community, and transitional housing for homeless LGBTQ youth in Atlanta. Shop for toys, clothing, art, furniture, and more—all while championing a worthy cause.

Buffalo Exchange

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Buffalo Exchange/
Location: 1057 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
Buffalo Exchange is a secondhand mainstay with locations all around the country. The chain has been leading the resale space since its opening in 1974, offering vintage, contemporary, and designer styles at appealingly slashed price points.

Value Village

Photo: Value Village/
Location: 1899 Metropolitan Pkwy. SW
With a tagline like "A Treasure Hunter's Paradise," you know that Value Village is bound to feature some noteworthy finds. The shop doesn't discriminate, selling everything from antiques and jewelry to mattresses and new clothing items for kids and adults alike.

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Last Chance Thrift Store

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Last Chance Thrift Store
Location: 2935 North Decatur Rd.
Those who buy in bulk would do well to check out Last Chance Thrift Store. In addition to one-offs, the shop sells bags of shoes and other items at set prices, ensuring a bit of bang for your buck.
Re-up your housewares, accessory collection, and more, all for deeply discounted prices.

Psycho Sisters

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Psycho Sisters/
Location: 428 Moreland Ave. NE
With more than three decades of success, Psycho Sisters is an essential stop on your Atlanta thrift store tour. The shop is separated into eras—this '60s, disco, and rocker wear—with funky accessories (sunglasses, wigs, hats, and more) and gender-bending basics allowing for truly unique styling.

Chalice Thrift

Photo: Chalice Thrift Store
Location: 200 Nelson Ferry Rd.
True treasure hunters would do well to swing by Chalice to discover some diamonds in the rough. The tiny community store features books and housewares, along with selected pieces of clothing.

Rock It Vintage

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Rock It Vintage/
Location: 999 Brady Ave. NW
Appreciate fashion and funk? Head to Rock It Vintage. Racks on racks of stylable vintage tees, leather jackets, standout accessories, and more coax shoppers out of their comfort zone and into a cooler one. The store has even been visited by the likes of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Labels Resale Boutique

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Labels Resale Boutique/
Location: 3208 Paces Ferry Pl.
If luxury labels are your bag (literally), this is the brick-and-mortar for you. Labels showcases high-end designer brands exclusively, providing pieces in impeccable condition and at expected price points. So, while you will certainly be saving compared to brand-new retail, expect to splurge.

The Lucky Exchange

Photo: The Lucky Exchange/
Location: 212 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
Lucky Exchange wants you to ditch ordinary for extraordinary. The locally-owned shop showcases modern and vintage pieces for men and women alike, all primed for make-it-your-own mixing and matching.

Goodwill of North Georgia

best thrift stores in atlanta
Photo: Goodwill of North Georgia/@goodwill_ng
Location: 2201 Lawrenceville Hwy. Suite 300
Goodwill is something of the people's store. Scattered amply around the States, the organization's ubiquity means that it sees a lot of items come and go, with sales of furniture, clothes, shoes, and more benefitting those looking to embark on meaningful careers through training programs, mentorship, and more.