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5 Hemp Sheets to Try for a Sustainable Night's Sleep in 2023

Hemp is a sustainable alternative to other bedding options on the market. Here are the best hemp sheets to try in 2023.

Written by
Andrea Hill
By now you know that
getting the right amount of sleep
is key for living a healthy and fruitful life. After all, a lack of sleep can stump productivity, cause fatigue, and disrupt your everyday routine in ways that aren’t beneficial to any of us.
One important factor to consider for better sleep is, well, your bedding. Do you ever wake up hot and uncomfortable in the middle of the night? Do you often find yourself tossing and turning? Then there's no better time to take your bedding choices into account and opt for an option that's comfortable, cooling, and eco-friendly.
big trend in the ecospace
is hemp bedding—specifically hemp sheets. Since cotton sheets are still the industry go-to, many consumers aren’t sure of what hemp bedding actually is and how it could impact one’s sleeping pattern... and the planet. Let's dive in.

Benefits of Hemp Sheets

Hemp bedding is made using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp is stronger than cotton and super durable. It requires less water and space to grow. Plus, it grows quickly: It only takes up to four months for hemp to reach maturity and produces
220% more fiber than cotton plants
Hemp sheets are also excellent at absorbing moisture thanks to the breathability that the sheets have to offer. This makes hemp sheets a solid option for those who are hot sleepers and need moisture-wicking fabrics to help them stay cool throughout the night.
Lastly, they’re long-lasting sheets. While traditional cotton sheets may wear after a few wash cycles, that’s not the case for hemp sheets. In fact, they get softer as time goes on. Because of the sturdiness of the plant, hemp sheets are more durable than traditional sheets, which can make them an investment piece.

5 Best Hemp Sheets for a Good Night's Sleep

Want to give hemp bedding a try? Keep scrolling for our top five picks for hemp sheets in 2023.

1. Delilah Home 100% Organic Hemp Sheets, $250

Delilah Home’s hemp sheets are made of 100% organic hemp, free of chemicals, and made in a family-run factory in Portugal. They're also free of artificial coloring and inspired by luxe hotel bedding.
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2. Quince European Linen Sheets Set, $190

Quince is committed to working with factories that prioritize fair wages and sustainable production practices. These sheets are woven from European flax and the full set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillowcases.
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3. Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets Set, $237

Buffy’s best-selling hemp sheets are woven from 100% long-staple premium hemp fibers. They’re lightened with safe and natural hydrogen peroxide, and dyed with water-saving, toxic-chemical-free dyes.
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4. Crate & Barrel Natural Hemp Grid Sheets, $60

These hemp sheets feel like a treat to your skin the minute you lay under them. Because hemp absorbs more carbon than it produces and requires less growing space than traditional fiber crops, it's a pick that will help you sleep soundly.
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5. Avocado Organic Hemp Sheets, $489

These might be the priciest sheets on the list, but hemp sheets are worth the investment. The long-lasting bundle is 100% GOTS certified organic and gets softer with each wash.
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