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April Shop Picks: 8 Limited-Time Products to Kick Off Earth Month

The Brightly Shop's limited-time products for April have arrived! Here are our favorite eco-friendly and sustainable picks for Earth Month.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Earth Month is finally here. That means now—more than ever—is the time to prioritize the planet. From creating more sustainable habits to getting involved in environmental initiatives, there are several ways to show your love for the planet. And speaking of creating new habits, now might be the time to adjust your shopping habits, too: After all, conscious consumerism is on the rise.

According to GreenPrint, about 77% of American consumers care about how environmentally friendly their products are. And 78% are more likely to make a purchase if the products are labeled as eco-friendly. The only question is: How do we know whether a product is eco-friendly?

Shopping ethically and sustainably doesn't have to be hard. Luckily, the Brightly Shop has got you covered. If you're not sure where to begin, check out our limited-time products for April. These products are focused on giving back to the planet, and 5% of all sales this month go back to the Planet Bee Foundation.

Because these products are limited-time, they won't be in the shop for long. Get them before they're gone!

8 Limited-Time Products in the Brightly Shop

Looking to accessorize? The Brightly Shop features three different eco-friendly earrings—each made of recycled ocean plastics! Choose between the stud earrings, Wellfleet earrings, or Exhuma earrings. Or go for all of the above!

The earrings are lightweight, modern, and made from marine plastic debris found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Even the packaging for these accessories is eco-friendly, as it's plastic-free, compostable, and comes with seed paper that can be planted to grow wildflowers.

If you're looking to host a community clean-up, you'll need 4Ocean's Ocean Cleanup Kit featuring tongs and a premium cleanup bag with a lid lock. The bag is made from recycled PET plastic and has mesh netting. That means it lets water out and keeps plastic in.

The tongs make it easy to pick up litter—especially if the litter is contaminated, sharp, or hard to reach. No need to worry about getting down and dirty. This kit makes the cleanups easy and sanitary. Plus, the kit includes Brightly's Field Guide To Doing Good, an interactive guide that helps you get started with eco-friendly living.

Trees are natural air purifiers. And now more than ever before, we need them to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

If you want to participate in reforestation, check out this tree growing kit. For each kit purchased, a donation is made to plant a tree. And kits feature non-GMO seeds, a biodegradable cow manure pot, some coco grow medium, and instructions.

Still looking to fill your kids' Easter baskets? These mini puzzles are here to help. For ages two and up, these puzzles teach youngsters better habits for the environment.

Green-edged pieces are the better habits to adopt while red-edged pieces are common, not-so sustainable habits. These puzzles educate and they're made with FSC paper!

5. Plantable Pencil, $9.99

Yes, you read that right! These pencils are plantable—the tip contains seeds! And the seeds can be planted to grow into bee-friendly plants. That means there's zero waste upon finishing your pencil. The pencils are made from PEFC certified wood and include thyme, sage, daisy, basil, and chia seeds.

As much as we love fresh-scented candles, we don't love the toxic chemicals that go into creating our favorite fragrances. Luckily, there's a solution.

These candles are all-natural soy candles. They're handcrafted and replicate the smell of some of America's National Parks. Choose between the Zion Candle and the Yellowstone Candle and fill your home with the fresh scent of nature.

Calling all plant-lovers: This handmade animal planter can store your favorite succulents. Each planter—choose either a French bulldog or poodle!—is made from a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of coconuts. But the best part? Your purchase empowers and supports artisan communities in the Philippines.

Who doesn't love a fun pair of socks? Now, you don't have to worry about whether your socks are made of harmful microfibers or inorganic materials. Instead, you can wear Socks That Plant Trees and Socks That Plant Protect Oceans!

Both pairs are Fairtrade and vegan certified, and they support the planet. If you opt for the green pair, you'll support Trees for the Future and the initiative to plant trees for better soils, helping the planet and farmers. And if you choose the blue ocean pair, you'll be supporting Oceana's mission to restore oceans and save marine life.