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9 Sustainable Drinks You Need to Gift this Season

Even the most basic glass of wine can have an impact on our planet. Let's minimize that impact by gifting sustainable drink products this season.

Written by
Anna Shuster

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life for the holidays? Or are you tearing your hair out because you don't know what to give to your friends who are known for never skipping a happy hour? If so, we found the best sustainable drink gifts, from glasses to DIY spirits, for those who love their wine and beer. The best part is the impact they have on the planet so your friends can sip wine and beer sustainably.

That's right, even your glass of wine has an impact on the planet. The grapes cultivated give off a strong greenhouse gas: nitrous oxide. Don't worry though! You can enjoy shopping for sustainable drinks and related products without getting bogged down in the confusing labels. You don't have to drown in guilt over the industrialized processes existent in the production of some of our favorite products. Make a difference in your friend's lives. Choose to shop cleaner with these items.