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4 Reasons To Try A Solid Shampoo Bar

Now that I tried shampoo bars, I can never go back! Read for some reasons why.

Written by
Ivey Gage

The best part about making small changes towards going zero waste is each change leads to a big impact. For a lot of people who have started their zero waste journey, myself included, a package-free shampoo bar seems to be the most common first switch. Here are a few reasons why shampoo bars will stop you from picking up a bottle of the liquid stuff ever again.

It Lathers Just Like Bottled Shampoo…. If Not More

My main worry when buying my first bar was how different it would be from lathering with my bottled shampoos. After trying my first shampoo bar, however. I can tell you it is not something you need to worry about. Just 3 circles around my scalp have my long hair fully lathered!  

Shampoo Bars Have a Variety of Purposes

Not only do shampoo bar scents vary, but the purpose does as well. Want beachy waves? Help with flyaways? Have bouncy curls? There’s a bar for that!  Explore different formulas and find what works best for you.

Call me obsessed-- I have tried four of the twelve options Lush currently offers! Every time I try a different one, it becomes my new favorite. Currently in my top spot is Jumping Juniper, simply because I think it smells like Pez candy... yum!

They Last For A Long Time 

I bought my current bar on December 9th and it is just now getting to the end of its use and it’s May 19th… more than 5 months of use for my long thick hair!

Shampoo bars really aren't exaggerating when they say that one bar is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo!

They're Affordable

The price of the beauties I buy from Lush run from $11.95-$13.95 USD. The average of other shampoo bars like Ethique runs around there as well at just $15. This New-Zealand based brand uses zero plastic and offers bars for your hair, body, and even your face (check out this Tik Tok Brightly made about them!).

Considering how happy my hair is, this price is extremely reasonable for the quality of this product. 

Start Small with Samples

Once the world is able to safely open back up, you can try these shampoo bars out as samples in stores like Lush or order mini versions of them (Ethique sells minis for $4!). Testing entails trying your items of choice on your hands so you can get a sense of how it feels, smells, and lathers. 

Shampoo Bar Brands to Check Out

I previously mentioned Lush's shampoo bars and Ethique's range of self-care products, but there are so many other ethical companies that could make the perfect shampoo bar for you!

Chagrin Valley's Soap and Salve are a family-run company and they make all-natural, organic, shampoo bars with different formulas that you are bound to fall in love with. Or, if you're looking for a no-frills shampoo bar, Bar None's vegan simple zero-waste alternative is for you. Their specialty is this one unscented shampoo bar so they have had time to hone in and perfect it so you don't have to agonize over all the different possible choices.

Overall I continue to be extremely satisfied by the quality of these products and look forward to discovering my new favorite with each purchase.