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The holidays are the perfect time to pause and pay attention to what's really important. Here are five simple ways to show your appreciation for the planet.
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The Environmental Impact of an Average Thanksgiving Dinner
Curious about the environmental impact of Thanksgiving dinner? Here's the carbon footprint of the meal, plus ways to make it more sustainable.
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6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving
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This Vegan Thanksgiving Sheet Pan Recipe Takes 45 Minutes to Make
Plant-based eaters, listen up! Preparing a holiday meal is easy and healthy with this recipe from Catherine Perez of Plant-Based RD.
The Cost of Thanksgiving Is Rising—This Trick Can Help You Save
The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is at an all-time high this year, but a new study found making plant-based swaps can save you up to 30%.
How to Source an Ethical Turkey This Thanksgiving
Labels on turkeys can be confusing. Here's what to look for when shopping for an eco-friendly and ethical turkey this Thanksgiving.