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The Most Popular Holiday Dish in Every State
We determined the most popular holiday dish in every state. Discover yours, then try these delicious and eco-friendly holiday recipes.
how to roast frozen veggies
The Secret to Roasting Frozen Veggies So They're Perfectly Crispy
Learning how to roast frozen veggies so they're brown and crispy is easy. Here's the two-step method a pro swears by.
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This Is the Only Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe You’ll Ever Need
When you make vegan mac and cheese with cashews, you won't even miss the dairy. Here's the only recipe you'll ever need.
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Can You Eat Orange Peels? The Answer May Surprise You
Can you eat orange peels? Don't toss them out; experts say the skins make a delicious, healthy, and food waste-reducing addition to many dishes.
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How to Store Fresh Herbs: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Them Fresh
Don't let your herbs go to waste! Here's how to store fresh herbs like a pro. With these tricks, you'll be enjoying herbs for months.
How to Make a Delicious and Sustainable Valentine's Day Meal
Love Valentine's Day and going all out for sustainable swaps? Here's how to make sustainable Valentine's Day meals from start to finish.
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Learn How to Make Dill Pickles With This Easy Recipe
Here's how to make dill pickles from the comfort of your own kitchen using cucumbers that are about to go to waste.
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Wondering How to Cook Pasta Sustainably? Try Passive Cooking
Your plate of noodles requires a fair amount of energy to produce. Here's how to cook pasta sans unnecessary emissions.
Selena Gomez Launched a Sustainable New Cookware Collection with Our Place
Selena Gomez's sustainable cookware collection with Our Place features two new colors of the famous Always Pan, dishes, drinkware, and more.
How to Make Potato Milk—and the Benefits of Drinking It
Learn how to make potato milk, the surprisingly healthy plant-based milk that's recommended by registered dietitians.
How Long Do Eggs Last? Plus, How to Tell If an Egg Is Still Fresh
How long do eggs last? With proper storage, they could last up to five weeks. Here's how to tell if an egg is still fresh or not.
Vegan Ham Recipe: How to Make Ham Using Tofu, Step by Step
Did you know you can make vegan ham with a block of tofu? Here's how to go about making the meaty plant-based swap, step by step.
7 Vegan Mug Recipes You Can Make in the Microwave
These small-but-mighty mug recipes are packed with flavor and only take minutes to make. Here are the best vegan options to try.
This Company Turns Food Scraps Into Ready-to-Bake Mixes for Vegan Brownies, Cookies, and More
Renewal Mill upcycles byproducts from food manufacturing into delicious ingredients and products. Here are three of our favorites!
7 Affordable Vegan Staples for Planet-Friendly Eating
Who says plant-based eating has to be expensive? Keep your kitchen stocked with these budget-friendly vegan staples.
How Single-Origin Spices Bring Far-Flung Farmers to Your Kitchen Table
Here's how Burlap & Barrel is changing the spice industry for the better.