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textile recycling
How to Recycle Textiles and Find Textile Recycling Near You
Textile recycling is easier than you think. Instead of throwing away worn-out clothes, learn where to recycle textiles near you.
No Idea Where to Donate an Old Bra? These Organizations Are Here to Help
Cleaning out your closet? Donate bras to organizations and brands that give them a second life. It's good for people *and* the planet.
are k cups recyclable
Are K-Cups Recyclable? A Recycling Expert Shares the Truth
Are K-Cups recyclable? Keurig claims they are, but a recycling expert is sharing the truth about the billions of pods sold every year.
can you recycle plastic easter eggs
Can You Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs? How to Dispose of Them Responsibly
With Easter coming up, you may be wondering: Are plastic Easter eggs recyclable? Here's how to dispose of them responsibly.
sustainable spring cleaning
5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning More Sustainable
Spring cleaning is great—mindful spring cleaning is better. Here's how to make your annual declutter a planet-friendly task.
what are microplastics
Microplastics: What They Are and How They Harm the Planet
Microplastics are in our food, the air, and even our drinking water. Here's what they are, how they're harming the environment, and how to avoid them.
4 Ways to Improve Waste Management From the Countries Doing it Best
The waste management wins of other countries prove that improved conditions and methods are possible in the United States.
The Glass Recycling System Is Broken—but Franziska Trautmann Is on a Mission to Fix It
In areas that don't accept glass recycling, tossing a bottle in your bin can wreak havoc on the planet. Here's how Franziska Trautmann is combatting the issue.
Home Composting and Recycling Are Getting the High-Tech Treatment
Home composting and recycling are getting the high-tech treatment. Here's what to know about Lasso Loop, Pela's Lomi, and more.
Is Styrofoam Recyclable? How to Dispose of It Properly
Styrofoam is used for everything from takeout containers to packaging. But is styrofoam recyclable? And what's its environmental impact?
How to Follow Confusing Recycling Rules Like a Pro
Recycling can often be a confusing process, so we're breaking it down into smaller sections to try and help simplify it a bit.
Don’t Toss Out Old Books! Here’s What to Do With Them Instead
Looking to clear out space on your bookshelf? Here's how to recycle old books without sending them to the curb.
6 Creative Ways to Hide Your Recycling Bin in Your Home or Backyard
Learn how to hide your recycling bin. These creative ideas help it blend in almost anywhere in your home or backyard.
Can You Recycle Receipts? The Answer Might Surprise You
Can receipts be recycled? Typically, no. Here's everything you should know before tossing a receipt in your recycling bin.
What Is Recycling and Why Is It Important?
What is recycling—and why is it so important to recycle? This helpful guide covers everything you should know.
The Recycling Process: What Happens Once It Leaves Your Curb
What happens to your recycling once it's picked up? Here's the recycling process, from start to finish, according to experts.
6 Makeup Recycling Tips for a More Sustainable Beauty Routine
Makeup recycling can be complicated. Here are six things to keep in mind when recycling cosmetics, from lipstick tubes to eyeshadow palettes.
How to Recycle Shredded Paper: Instructions and Alternatives to Try
Can shredded paper be recycled? Here's how to go about it correctly, as well as ways to use shredded paper at home.
California Is Fighting Climate Change by Turning Food Waste Into Energy
California is launching a food waste recycling program that's turning food scraps into compost or renewable energy to fight climate change.
What to Do With Old Pillows: How to Recycle or Repurpose Old Pillows
Not sure what to do with old pillows? Here are five smart and simple ways to repurpose or recycle pillows to keep them out of landfills.
How to Recycle Pizza Boxes—And More Complicated Items
Learn how to recycle pizza boxes and other notoriously complicated items like razors, batteries, and aerosol cans.
What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Biodegradable?
What does biodegradable actually mean? We break down the facts, including how biodegradable products break down and how to dispose of them.
How to Host a Planet-Saving Community Cleanup in 5 Simple Steps
One of the best ways to better the planet is starting right in your own backyard. Here's how to host a community cleanup in your city.
You Can Now Recycle Taco Bell's Beloved Sauce Packets
Taco Bell just launched a program that allows you to recycle your hot sauce packets. Here's how to do it in four simple steps.
California Bans the Use of Misleading Recycling Symbols on Non-Recyclable Items
California passed a bill that bans the use of misleading recycling symbols on anything that's not actually recyclable.
How to Recycle Electronics, from Old Phones to Laptops
Instead of throwing away old phones, laptops, and other items, learn how to recycle electronics so they don't wind up in landfills.
7 Sustainable Living Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked
There are many sustainable living myths and misconceptions that can prevent people from taking steps to better the planet. Here's the truth.
Yes, You Can Recycle Old Shoes—Here’s How
Want to recycle shoes? Here's what to do with an old pair that's too worn-out to donate to Goodwill or give to a friend.
Are Plastic Bags Recyclable? Here's Everything You Need to Know
After putting away groceries, you're probably wondering: Are plastic bags recyclable? Here's the right and wrong way to go about it.
What Is Wishcycling, and How Can It Harm the Environment?
Wishcycling is something we all do without even realizing it. Here's what it is, how it hurts the planet, and what to do instead.
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