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are sea turtles endangered
Are Sea Turtles Endangered?
Sea turtles aren't just majestic, they're also vital to the health of the planet's coastal and marine ecosystems. But are sea turtles endangered, and which species are most at risk?
9 Recently Extinct Animals You Should Know About in 2023
Even though these wildlife species have already gone extinct, it's not too late to prevent the same fate from happening to others.
slowest animal in the world
7 Slowest Animals in the World
The slowest animal in the world might surprise you. These animals inhabit different climates and ecosystems, from rainforests to oceans.
seagrass carbon
Wales Is Planting Underwater Meadows of Seagrass to Restore Ecosystems and Absorb Carbon
A major seagrass planting project is underway in Wales. Here's how seagrass meadows can help save wildlife and cut carbon.
orca pilot whale
Just Keep Swimming: An Orca Was Spotted Caring for a Pilot Whale Calf for the First Time
According to a recent study, an orca mother has been spotted caring for a baby pilot whale off the coast of Iceland.
octopus throws things study
Study Finds That the Gloomy Octopus Likes to Throw Things
A new study shows that one species of octopus tosses debris, sometimes at members of their own species and other fish.
Your Old Mascara Wands Can Be Used to Help Save Wildlife
Instead of tossing non-recyclable mascara wands in the trash, donate them to animal rescue organizations. Here's how they save wildlife.
Florida Manatees Are Dying—So Conservation Groups Are Suing the EPA
Three conservation groups, represented by Earthjustice, are suing the EPA to protect Florida manatees who are impacted by ocean pollution.
Why Are Coral Reefs Dying — and What Can You Do to Help Save Them?
There are many threats to coral reefs. If we lose them, it could devastate the planet. Here's why coral reefs are dying—and how to save them.
The Environmental Impact of Zoos, Aquariums, and Marine Theme Parks
How eco-friendly are zoos, aquariums, and marine theme parks like SeaWorld? We uncovered the environmental impact of each.
8 Fascinating Facts About Blue Whales—and How to Help Them
These facts about blue whales will fascinate you, from how they fight climate change to their favorite food. Plus, learn how to save them.
Climate Change Has Caused Extreme Heat in the Oceans, Says Study
A new study found climate change has caused record-high ocean warming, and scientists are begging for this to be a wake-up call for humanity.
How Oil Spills Affect the Environment—And What You Can Do
There have been 350 reports of oil spills since Hurricane Ida. Here's how oil spills affect the environment, and what you can do to help.
5 Shocking Facts We Learned from Netflix's 'Seaspiracy' Documentary
'Seaspiracy' is a wildly informative film. It's essential viewing if you're passionate about protecting our oceans and marine life.
Do This Simple Hack Every Day to Help Save Animals
You can lessen the foreseen damage of plastic straws with this simple hack that helps save the animals.