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sober curious
Sober Curious? Here's Why Alcohol Alternatives Are a Sustainable Choice
Fans of a no-buzz buzz are coming for traditional cocktail hour—and for good reason. Here's how the sober curious movement benefits the environment.
sustainable sleep
Good Sleep Hygiene Is a Foundation of Conscious Living—and Sustainable Sleep Is on the Rise
Getting a good night's sleep is an important part of being a mindful person. From sunrise alarms to green noise, these sustainable sleep trends are on the rise.
what is a scoby
What Is a SCOBY? Plus, How to Use It to Make Kombucha
What is a SCOBY? Here's what you need to know about the kombucha essential—from ingredient details to how to grow your own.
liquid chlorophyll
What Is Liquid Chlorophyll? The Health Benefits of the TikTok Trend, According to a RD
Liquid chlorophyll is one of the greenest social trends of the past couple of years—in the literal sense, that is. But does the supplement really work? And how can you take part sustainably?
sustainable wellness tips
5 Ways Living 'Sustainably Well' Brings the Planet Into Your Wellness Routine
We're partnering with Well+Good to talk all things 'Sustainably Well.' Here are five wellness tips to help make your routine more planet-friendly.
how to make apple cider vinegar from food scraps
How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar From Food Scraps
From beauty to cleaning to eating, apple cider vinegar comes with a ton of benefits. Here's how to make your own from apple scraps.
5 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice, From Cleaning to Plant Care
Have leftover pickle juice from this 2022's favorite snack? Here are five reasons to save and reuse your pickle juice.
How Your 'Hot Girl Walk' Benefits You and the Planet
From slowing down to staying (and shopping) local, the Hot Girl Walk trend is a study in accessible sustainability.
Shimmy Home Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Review and Discount Code
Looking for a home hand sanitizer dispenser? Here's our honest review of Shimmy's popular product and a discount code.
Pee Is a Problem for the Planet When You Eat Too Much Protein
According to a recent study, there's too much protein in our pee—and it's causing a lot of problems for the environment.
Seed Is Giving Probiotics an Eco-Friendly Makeover That Benefits Your Health *and* the Planet
Meet the newest addition to your daily routine.