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what is global warming
What Is Global Warming, Really? And How Do We Stop It?
You hear about it a lot—but what is global warming, exactly? We discuss why the Earth is warming and how you can make a difference.
utah great salt lake drying up
Utah's Great Salt Lake Could Dry Up Within the Next Five Years—Here's Why
Climate change is affecting ecosystems around the world. Here's what you need to know about the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
chlorofluorocarbons contributing to global warming
An Unexplained Rise in Banned Chemicals Is Contributing to Global Warming
Five banned chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have increased rapidly in the last decade. Here's how they're contributing to the changing climate.
desert animals
8 Desert Animals You Should Know About, From the Sand Cat to Kangaroo Rat
Desert animals are adapting to climate change, just like other animals like polar bears and tigers. Here are nine adapting desert animals.
Climate Change Is Creating 'Zombie Forests' In California
Not on our 2023 bingo card: zombie forests. California's warming climate is resulting in native trees that are a mismatch for the weather. Here's what you need to know.
climate change rainbows
Silver Linings: Climate Change Is Resulting in More Rainbows
A new study from researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa says that, in certain locations, the increase rainfall caused by climate change could lead to more rainbows. Here's what you need to know.
Climate Change Has Caused Extreme Heat in the Oceans, Says Study
A new study found climate change has caused record-high ocean warming, and scientists are begging for this to be a wake-up call for humanity.
Scientists Say a Winter Without Snow Could Be Possible by 2040
Scientists say a winter without snow could be here as early as 2040. Here's everything you can do to help fight climate change.
California Is Fighting Climate Change by Turning Food Waste Into Energy
California is launching a food waste recycling program that's turning food scraps into compost or renewable energy to fight climate change.
Avocados and Other Crops Face Extinction Due to Climate Change
Climate change is threatening the extinction of some of the most popular crops, including avocados and bananas. Here's how to help.
30% of Trees Are at Risk of Extinction—Here's How to Help
According to a new report, 30% of trees are at risk of extinction globally. Here are some ways you can help save the trees.
What Is Climate Change—and How Do We Stop It?
Climate change can be confusing. Here, we break down what it is (and isn't!), how it happens, how it affects us, and how to stop it.
Wildfires Are Blazing in the United States and Beyond—Here’s How You Can Help
Record-breaking wildfires are devastating the world. Here's what you can do to help, from hosting a family to providing a hot meal.
A New Report Warns Climate Change Is Happening at a Rapid Rate—Here’s What You Can Do to Help
Change needs to happen now.
Why Is the World on Fire?
From Seattle to Portland to the Bay Area, it seems like the whole West Coast is covered in bright orange skies and billowing smoke. Wildfires aren’t a new phenomenon, but we are seeing more and more of them each year.
Think You’re Fighting Global Warming with Your Shopping Habits? Think Bigger
In this book review of Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impacts You Don’t Know You Have by Tatiana Schlossberg, you'll read about mass consumption habits, their impact on our world, and how to change your perspective from local to global.