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vegan fast food options
9 Vegetarian and Vegan Fast Food Options to Try, Including Shake Shack's New Plant-Based Menu
These popular fast food chains have some great plant-based options, allowing you to enjoy a planet-friendly meal on the go.
chick-fil-a cauliflower sandwich news
Chick-fil-A Is Testing a Cauliflower Sandwich That's an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Its Chicken Counterpart
Chick-fil-A's plant-based Cauliflower Sandwich is launching at select locations. Here's what to know about the planet-friendly option.
fast food ranking
The Most Recognizable Fast Food Chains, Ranked From Most to Least Sustainable
We ranked the most ubiquitous fast food chains, including McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell, from best to worst in terms of sustainability.
The Fast Food Industry Is Adding More Vegan Options in 2022
Fast food chains are making it easy to find plant-based options on the go. Here's where the industry is moving in 2022.
McDonald’s McPlant Burger Is Expanding to 600 U.S. Locations
McDonald's new vegan McPlant burger is expanding to 600 U.S. locations. Here's why that's a game-changer for the planet—and where to find it.
KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken Is Launching Nationwide: Here's Where to Find It
KFC's vegan Beyond Fried Chicken is officially launching nationwide. Here's what the nuggets are made of and where to find them.
McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Are Getting an Eco-Friendly Makeover
McDonald's is giving its iconic plastic Happy Meal toys an eco-friendly makeover. Here's how the move will drastically reduce waste.
You Can Now Recycle Taco Bell's Beloved Sauce Packets
Taco Bell just launched a program that allows you to recycle your hot sauce packets. Here's how to do it in four simple steps.
Take a Look at Burger King's New Eco-Friendly Packaging
Burger King's eco-friendly packaging is being tested at 51 restaurants. Here's how its new silverware, straws, and wrappers cut down on waste.
Here's How AirCarbon Making Takeout More Eco-Friendly
AirCarbon is making food packaging more eco-friendly. Here's what to know—and how Shake Shack is already utilizing it.
How Chipotle Is Making Fast Food Eco-Friendly
Chipotle has been making steps toward sustainability through supply chains, ingredient sourcing, and more.