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What Is Temu? The Sustainability of the Online Marketplace That Asks Users to 'Shop Like a Billionaire'
After countless TikTok hauls and viral commercials, Temu is trending. But what exactly is the online marketplace—and can companies like this ever be sustainable?
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An investigation into the sustainability of fast fashion retailer Shein, including child labor practices and working conditions.
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How to (Finally!) Break Up With Fast Fashion, According to an Expert
Fast fashion is everywhere, from our shopping carts to our social media feeds. But it's time to break up with it for good. Here's how.
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How to Sell Clothes Online, From Taking Photos to Shipping
Learn how to sell clothes online like a pro, from taking great photos to shipping. It's an easy way to make money while benefiting the planet.
The Most Popular Fast Fashion Brands, Ranked for Conscious Consumers
Fast fashion brands are detrimental to the environment. Here's why to avoid Zara, Forever 21, UNIQLO, Fashion Nova, and more.
How to Find Your Personal Style—And Better the Planet in the Process
Finding your personal style can be difficult. These tips will help you do so in a way that betters the planet *and* your bank account.
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Princess Polly is one of the most popular fast fashion retailers. But how ethical and sustainable is the brand? We found out.
Is Abercrombie Fast Fashion? A Look into How Eco-Friendly the Brand Is
Abercrombie is back with hauls gardening millions of views on social media. But is Abercrombie fast fashion, or is it eco-friendly?
Is Steve Madden Sustainable? A Look Into the Buzzy Footwear Brand
Everyone seems to be obsessed with Steve Madden right now—but how sustainable is the buzzy footwear brand? Here's a breakdown.
What Is Rayon — and Is It Sustainable? Consider This Your Go-To Guide
What is rayon? And is it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice? Here's where rayon comes from, what rayon is made from, and alternatives.
What Is Greenwashing? Here's What It Means and How to Spot It
What is greenwashing, exactly? Here's what greenwashing means, how to spot it, questions to ask brands, fact-checking tips, and more.
California’s Garment Worker Protection Act Was Signed Into Law—Here’s How It’s Changing the Fashion Industry
It's making the fashion industry better for people *and* the planet.
How H&M's Resale Platform Gives Old Clothes a Second Life
H&M is launching an online resale platform called H&M Rewear, but is it as eco-friendly as it seems? Here's what you should know.
What's the Most Planet-Friendly Way to Shop for Clothes?
Curious about the most sustainable way to shop for clothes? We compared emissions created by renting, thrifting, buying new, and more.
Are Overstock Stores Sustainable? The Truth About Retailers Like TJ Maxx
Popular retailers like TJX and Marshalls deliver designer discounts, but how sustainble are these companies, really? Here's the truth.
How to Support the Slow Fashion Movement Without Spending Money
You can support the slow fashion movement without spending money. Here's how to do it, from outfit repeating to using your voice.
Simple Eco-Friendly Practices and How to Make the Most of Them
Want to know how to level up the eco-friendly practices you already partake in? Read on for some fun tips to do so.
Why You Should Buy a New 'Kind' of Home Decor
Child labor is far too common in the textile industry. Now, you can look for the GoodWeave label to ensure products are free of child and forced labor.
7 Best Ways to Create a Conscious and Sustainable Closet
Use these tips to create a conscious closet that reflects both your style and your values.
7 Sustainable Alternatives to Big-Name Brands
Shopping small is the eco alternative to big brands. Here are some of our favorites.
How To Make Climate Positive Choices “Parka” Your Life
Can outerwear make a positive impact on the planet? Eric Dayton, CEO of Askov Finlayson, tells us how his company is making a difference.
3 Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion Everyone Should Know
Everyone loves a good bargain, but those price tags don't come cheap. Choose wisely and avoid the three hidden costs behind fashion's biggest deals.