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are manatees endangered in 2023
Are Manatees Endangered? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Once mistaken for mermaids, manatees are some of the most mythical mammals around. Here's what you need to know about the sea cows—and the threats to their ecosystem.
are sea turtles endangered
Are Sea Turtles Endangered?
Sea turtles aren't just majestic, they're also vital to the health of the planet's coastal and marine ecosystems. But are sea turtles endangered, and which species are most at risk?
9 Recently Extinct Animals You Should Know About in 2023
Even though these wildlife species have already gone extinct, it's not too late to prevent the same fate from happening to others.
are gorillas endangered
Are Gorillas Endangered in 2023?
Great apes are one of our closest living relatives, but are gorillas endangered? Here's what's putting the mighty primate at risk.
butterfly garden plants and flowers
Start a Butterfly Garden: 10 Plants and Flowers to Start With
Monarchs and other butterflies rely on a number of plants and flowers for survival. Create your own butterfly garden with these blooms.
are elephants endangered
Are Elephants Endangered in 2023?
They may be one of the strongest animals on Earth, but are elephants endangered? Here's what you need to know.
ugly animals
8 of the World's Ugliest Animals for a Reminder That Earth Is Wonderfully Weird
Ugly animals need love too. In fact, paying extra attention to less appealing wildlife may be the key to protecting them.
antarctica wildlife
65% of All Antarctic Wildlife Could Disappear by 2100—Here's How You Can Help
A new study finds wildlife in Antarctica will experience a rapid decline in the coming decades. Here's what you need to know.
pygmy hippo born at virginia zoo
A Hippopotamus for Christmas? It's a Reality at This Virginia Zoo
A female pygmy hippo was born at Metro Richmond Zoo in Moseley, Virginia, earlier this month.
wwf report wildlife populations drop
Wildlife Populations Have Decreased by 69%—Here's How You Can Help
The Living Planet Report 2022 from WWF issues a "code red" for the planet. Here's what you can do to help.
alaskan snow crab season canceled
One Billion Snow Crabs Have Disappeared From the Bearing Sea
The snow crab population in the Bering Sea has decreased by one billion, causing Alaskan officials to cancel the fishing season for the first time in the state's history. Here's what you need to know.
The Monarch Butterfly Is Now on the Endangered Species List
The monarch butterfly is officially an endangered species. Here's what you need to know—and how you can help.
6 Endangered Rainforest Animals You Should Know About
These endangered rainforest animals need our help on World Rainforest Day and *every* day. Here are six species you should know about.
Are Polar Bears Endangered in 2023? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Are polar bears endangered? This is their current status in 2023, what's putting polar bears at risk, and how to help them.
8 Fascinating Facts About Blue Whales—and How to Help Them
These facts about blue whales will fascinate you, from how they fight climate change to their favorite food. Plus, learn how to save them.
Are Tigers Endangered? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Despite being incredibly powerful animals, are tigers endangered? Here's the current status, what's putting tigers at risk, and how to help.
Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered and 6 Other Planet Wins
Good news: Giant pandas are no longer endangered! Plus, six other planet wins you should know about this month.
10 Endangered Animals Threatened by Climate Change
More endangered animals are threatened by climate change than you may realize. Here are 10 you should know about—and how to help.
Why Bats Aren’t As Scary as They Look
Are bats scary? Most people certainly think so, and I know I was definitely terrified of them when I was younger. But I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t be scared of one of the most misunderstood animals in the world.