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carbon footprint thanksgiving dinner
The Environmental Impact of an Average Thanksgiving Dinner
Curious about the environmental impact of Thanksgiving dinner? Here's the carbon footprint of the meal, plus ways to make it more sustainable.
what is global warming
What Is Global Warming, Really? And How Do We Stop It?
You hear about it a lot—but what is global warming, exactly? We discuss why the Earth is warming and how you can make a difference.
carbon footprint easter dinner
This Is the Carbon Footprint of Your Easter Dinner
Curious about the carbon emissions associated with your Easter feast? We broke it down for you and calculated the average carbon footprint of an Easter dinner.
environmental impact streaming
Is Streaming Bad for the Planet? A Deeper Look Into Netflix, Spotify, and More
Even our streaming obsession can harm the planet. This is the environmental impact of Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services.
how to reduce carbon footprint
6 Impactful Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, According to an Expert
Graham Hill is something of an environmental vanguard. Here are six things he and his company, the Carbonauts, recommend doing immediately to reduce your carbon footprint.
Creepy But Climate-Friendly: Last-Mile Delivery Drones Could Curb Carbon Emissions
According to a recent study, using drone delivery for small packages could significantly reduce carbon emissions.
What Is Green Architecture and How Does It Help the Environment?
Curious about green architecture? Here's what green architecture is, how it helps the environment, and examples from around the world.
5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Water Footprint
A water footprint is more complicated than you think. Here's what it is, how to calculate it, and easy ways to reduce your water footprint.
3 Ways to Make Your Diet More Eco-Friendly *Without* Giving Up Meat
Trying to reduce your carbon emissions but don't think you can cut out meat? A new study shows maybe you don't have to!
Earth Overshoot Day Came Early: What That Means for the Planet
Earth Overshoot Day came on July 29 this year. Here's what that means for the planet and us, and the factors that influence our consumption.
5 Food Waste Apps That Are Good for the Planet and Your Wallet
These food waste apps don't just keep perfectly good food out of landfills. They also save you money. Here are the best ones to download.
Carbon Footprint Labels Could Be Coming to a Grocery Store Near You
It could make shopping sustainably even easier!
What Exactly Is Climate Neutrality, and Why Is It So Important?
Phrases like “climate neutrality” are rising in popularity. But what does it mean, and why is it so important? Here's what you should know.
Why Allbirds Is Sharing Its Carbon Footprint Calculator
Allbirds is sharing its carbon footprint calculator to push the fashion industry toward transparent sustainability. Here's why.
Why Carbon-Negative Diamonds Are the Planet’s Best Friend
If you're shopping for diamonds, make them carbon-negative diamonds to ensure your jewelry isn't harming the planet.
How to Quit Fast Furniture for Good
Fast furniture might be convenient, but it isn't good for the planet. We're sharing how to quit fast furniture for good.
Which Foods Have the Highest Carbon Footprint? We Found Out
If you're wondering which types of food have the highest carbon footprint, there are three that soar about the rest.
What You Need to Know About Carbon Emissions
Everyone knows that carbon emissions play a massive role in climate change, but understanding exactly how they effect climate change and what individuals can do to help is a different story.
10 Actionable Ways You Can Stop Climate Change Right Now
Wondering what you can do to stop climate change right now? Here are 10 easy steps you can take to create change.