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types of bees
10 Types of Bees and How to Identify Them
Bees are essential to the health of our planet. Learning how to identify common species can help us to protect them.
how to save the bees
8 Ways to Save the Bees—and Why They're Important to the Planet
Bees play a critical role in the health of the planet, its ecosystems, and people. Here are some simple ways you can help save the bees.
no mow may benefits
'No Mow May' Is the Easiest Way to Help Save the Bees This Spring
Homeowners are participating in "No Mow May," letting their lawns grow freely for an entire month. Here's how it helps save the bees.
xeriscaping guide
What Is Xeriscaping? Everything You Need to Know About the Sustainable Landscaping Trend
Xeriscaping, or drought-tolerant landscaping, saves water and promotes native ecosystems. Here's what you need to know about the sustainable option.
are bees endangered
Are Bees Endangered in 2023? At-Risk Species and What's Causing a Decline
Are bees endangered? Here are the species currently at risk, the cause of the bee decline, and what happens if bees go extinct.
Insect Populations Are Down by 49% Due to Climate Change
Wildlife is impacted by climate change—and that includes insect populations. A new study shows some insect biodiversity is decreasing.
2 Flowers for Bees: The Best Options for Attracting Pollinators
Want to help save the bees? Plant these flowers for bees that attract pollinators to your garden. Think sunflowers, rosemary, and more.
Neonicotinoids: Why They're Killing Bees—And What You Can Do to Help
Neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides, are killing bees—and therefore hurting our planet. Here's what you can do to help.