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unusual animal friends
12 Unusual Animal Friends, Including the Capybara and Crocodile
Some wildlife pairings are stranger (and cuter!) than others. These unusual animal friends prove that nature is all about organized chaos.
How Bats Benefit the Environment—Plus 4 Simple Ways to Help Save Them
Did you know bats have contributed up to $53 billion a year to agriculture by eating insects? Here's how to help the bats in your own backyard.
how to keep rabbits out of garden
5 Ethical Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden
Rabbits love vegetation. Here's how to keep rabbits out of your garden safely and sustainably.
9 Recently Extinct Animals You Should Know About in 2023
Even though these wildlife species have already gone extinct, it's not too late to prevent the same fate from happening to others.
are gorillas endangered
Are Gorillas Endangered in 2023?
Great apes are one of our closest living relatives, but are gorillas endangered? Here's what's putting the mighty primate at risk.
desert animals
8 Desert Animals You Should Know About, From the Sand Cat to Kangaroo Rat
Desert animals are adapting to climate change, just like other animals like polar bears and tigers. Here are nine adapting desert animals.
are elephants endangered
Are Elephants Endangered in 2023?
They may be one of the strongest animals on Earth, but are elephants endangered? Here's what you need to know.
ugly animals
8 of the World's Ugliest Animals for a Reminder That Earth Is Wonderfully Weird
Ugly animals need love too. In fact, paying extra attention to less appealing wildlife may be the key to protecting them.
slowest animal in the world
7 Slowest Animals in the World
The slowest animal in the world might surprise you. These animals inhabit different climates and ecosystems, from rainforests to oceans.
canadian super pig
The Invasive Canadian 'Super Pig' Is Coming to the U.S.—and It Could Cause Major Ecological Damage
An invasive (and elusive) invasive Canadian "super pig" may soon make its way across the U.S. border. Here's how that could impact the environment.
8 Most Invasive Species in North America and Their Startling Effects
Which invasive species are causing the most harm in the United States? Here are the most common to know about, from insects to plants.
facts about groundhogs
7 Facts About Groundhogs You Should Know
Groundhogs should be celebrated beyond Groundhog Day. Here are some groundhog facts you should know, including how they better the planet.
best nature documentaries
10 Heartwarming Nature Documentaries to Add to Your Must-Watch List
Cancel your weekend plans. These must-watch nature documentaries are insightful, funny, informative, and inspiring.
cutest animals in the world
13 Cutest Animals in the World You Have to See to Believe
Need a reason to smile? The cutest animals in the world are here to provide the ultimate mood boost.
9 Facts About Jumping Spiders That Will Amaze You
Jumping spiders might have a bad reputation, but these facts prove they’re surprisingly captivating and critical to ecosystems.
study silent animals communicate
New Study Finds Dozens of Animals Thought to Be Silent Communicate With Sound
New research found 53 species previously thought mute communicate through acoustics. The study challenges assumptions about the origins of communication.
A New Study Suggests That Spiders Dream
A new study focusing on the sleep patterns of jumping spiders registered rapid eye movement, which means it's possible that spiders dream.
The Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Is Back—Here's What You Can Do
The spotted lanternfly is back and is predicted to cause billions in damage. Here's what you need to know about the invasive species.
Cicadas Lifespan: How Long Do Cicadas Live?
If you've ever wondered how long cicadas live, you're not alone: Periodical cicadas possess one of the longest lifespans of any insect.
6 Endangered Rainforest Animals You Should Know About
These endangered rainforest animals need our help on World Rainforest Day and *every* day. Here are six species you should know about.
Your Old Mascara Wands Can Be Used to Help Save Wildlife
Instead of tossing non-recyclable mascara wands in the trash, donate them to animal rescue organizations. Here's how they save wildlife.
The Environmental Impact of Zoos, Aquariums, and Marine Theme Parks
How eco-friendly are zoos, aquariums, and marine theme parks like SeaWorld? We uncovered the environmental impact of each.
Are Polar Bears Endangered in 2023? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Are polar bears endangered? This is their current status in 2023, what's putting polar bears at risk, and how to help them.
8 Fascinating Facts About Blue Whales—and How to Help Them
These facts about blue whales will fascinate you, from how they fight climate change to their favorite food. Plus, learn how to save them.
Are Tigers Endangered? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Despite being incredibly powerful animals, are tigers endangered? Here's the current status, what's putting tigers at risk, and how to help.
Animals and Climate Change: How Species Are Adapting to Survive
When it comes to animals and climate change, numerous species are adapting in order to survive. Biologist Thor Hanson shares their stories.
13 Animal Facts You Need to Know (Including Why Prairie Dogs Kiss!)
These amazing animal facts are sure to surprise and fascinate you. Learn about koalas, sloths, prairie dogs, sea otters, and more.
7 Interesting Facts About Koalas, Including How They Better the Planet
Did you know koalas help save the planet by pooping? Or that they sound like a motorcycle? Here are some koala facts you should know.
Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered and 6 Other Planet Wins
Good news: Giant pandas are no longer endangered! Plus, six other planet wins you should know about this month.
10 Endangered Animals Threatened by Climate Change
More endangered animals are threatened by climate change than you may realize. Here are 10 you should know about—and how to help.
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