About Us

Brightly's goal is to empower conscious consumers around the world. We recognize that small, daily actions add up to a huge impact on the world around us.

We value all things brightly and beautiful, all creatures, great and small.

We recognize that the world is full of convenient half-truths from brands who would prefer to not come clean about their supply chains.

We feature brands and products that are ethically and sustainably created around the world.

We stand behind the quality + ethics behind our recommendations by focusing on a few different areas:

Claims + Certifications

We work with our partner brands to understand their claims + certifications. Here are a few examples we look for.

Responsible Supply Chains

Workers who create products we feature are paid fairly and empowered through benefits and community development.

Kindness to the planet

Products contain materials that are sustainably sourced, recyclable when possible + respect the Five Freedoms.

How brightly works

We’re a discovery, media, and community platform. When we feature products or brands, we may receive compensation through affiliate links or other partnerships, however, this is not a requirement for being featured. We showcase the brand, product, and story first, regardless of monetary compensation.


We’ve spent years in the sustainable fashion and tech spaces and hail from places like Google, Amazon, Adobe, and more. Learn more about our founding team via our podcast, and watch more info about us soon!

Interested in contributing? Learn more about our Scouts Program.

It’s up to our generation to showcase consumer demand for world-changing products, and we’re all on this journey together. 

Work with us as we continue to define and refine on all of the above, and if you have a question, ask us!

What's Your Sustainability Superpower?