We Found the Perfect, Eco-Friendly Work-From-Home Pillow


editor's note:

I thought you would enjoy my latest take on the below. Enjoy!


editor's note:

I thought you would enjoy my latest take on the below. Enjoy!

Filling up your home with comfy pillows is kind of a necessity, these days. We’re all spending a lot more time doing work from wherever we can (bed, couch, whatever’s available!) When Brentwood Home reached out to the Brightly team about sending our co-founders one of their signature wedge pillow options, we had to take it for a test spin.

As more and more of the workforce goes remote, our beds are functioning as desks and it’s not the most ergonomic setup. The Wall Street Journal found that all of our time spent working from bed is leading to neck, eye, and back pain, and one solution to remedy this is to utilize pillows to prop up and support your body.

Some of us might remember the funny shaped, overstuffed pillows of yore that we filled our dorm rooms with (shoutout if you owned one of these), and while comfy, they don’t exactly tick all of the boxes from a style perspective.

I love that I can work from my laptop while staying super cozy plus the look of the Brentwood Home pillow prevents my bedroom from giving off that collegiate vibe.

Brightly co-founder, Laura Wittig

The Brentwood Home wedge pillow collection features a variety of non-toxic, natural pillows designed to support your back from a personalized perspective. You can choose from a variety of options based on thickness, firmness, and materials used.

Sitting upright in the correct position has done wonders for my back and neck pain. I also love that this pillow is made of eco-friendly materials and is kind to the planet (like every brand we feature on Brightly!)

Brightly co-founder, Liza Moiseeva

Overall, we recommend Brentwood Home based on its’ efforts to create ethically-made products at reasonable prices, while making a positive impact on the planet. If you’re looking to add some new pillows to your home or want to point someone in the right direction, don’t hesitate to add one to your cart.

(The Fine Print: Every brand we feature on Brightly is vetted to ensure they align with our core values of sustainability, eco-friendly construction, and more. Click here to learn more about how we vet. We were compensated for this review, but the above reflects our honest opinions. Partnering with brands allows us to scale the positive impact of eco-friendly living!)



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