I Tried A Buzzy, Celebrity-Favorite, Non-Toxic Vegan Beauty Brand


editor's note:

I gave a cult-favorite beauty brand a try so you can get all of the details before you make the plunge.


editor's note:

I gave a cult-favorite beauty brand a try so you can get all of the details before you make the plunge.

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Clean beauty is having a moment, and one could argue that True Botanicals was one of the driving forces behind the entire movement. Founded in 2014 by Hillary Peterson after she couldn’t find non-toxic products to use after recovering from thyroid cancer, True Botanicals is one of those names that just keeps popping up on my feed, over and over again.

I first heard about the brand through Olivia Wilde (an ethical fashion champion in her own right, after founding Conscious Co). She’s been raving about their products for years and has proclaimed that their products are “the only natural skincare line that actually work.” True Botanicals also counts Laura Dern and other A-Listers as excited fans.

Each product in their line is certified non-toxic and sustainably made, tested clinically to ensure efficacy, and vegan and cruelty free. The main thing that had prevented me from trying True Botanicals out myself was the pricing. The serums and treatments that I was eyeing started over $100, and as an early-stage founder, I couldn’t justify shelling out that kind of cash.

Luckily for me (and you), True Botanicals has added more products to their line at more affordable price points, plus they now include smaller sizes of some items so you can try before making a big commitment.

One of these new additions is their Resurfacing Moisture Mask, and a representative from True Botanicals reached out earlier this year to see if I was interested in trying it out. My skin has been insanely dry this winter season so I figured I’d give it a shot.

This little “facial in a jar” is packed with lactic acid, a potent resurfacing agent that I’ve used via other products in the past with great results. It also contains avocado butter, and since I’m a millennial, I’m naturally drawn to anything with avocado.

The results: After using the Resurfacing Mask three times a week for 3 weeks, I can say that my face definitely feels more moisturized than it did before I added it to my usual routine. One of the issues with dry skin is that exfoliation is needed to slough off problem areas to encourage skin repair, but it’s often too harsh on said skin, leading to a negative cycle. True Botanicals’ mask managed to both exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, and I’m officially a fan.

The bottom line: If you can get your hands on a sample, borrow a friend’s package, swap a beauty product with a new pal or get a discount, I highly encourage you to give this mask a try. If you can afford to jump in without any of the above, I encourage you to. Ethically and sustainably made products often require a higher investment, but they’re rarely not worth the extra dollars you pay. Plus, I’m a fan of True Botanicals’ transparency and ethos, plus… the promise of getting clinical quality results from all natural products is too hard to pass up!

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