11 Chefs to Follow on TikTok for Easy (and Planet-Friendly!) Recipes

"These TikTokers are always wowing us with their creative plant-based recipes."

Though TikTok is probably best known for its fun viral dances and humorous content, it’s also home to some of the most creative foodies around. And these TikTok chefs are proving just how easy—and delicious!—it is to eat a planet-friendly diet full of wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

If eating plant-based was considered flavorless and bland when it first became a thing, it definitely isn’t now. These TikTok chefs know how to make food that’s not only good for the environment, but simply good overall. They’re constantly innovating and showcasing short-form recipes we never could’ve dreamed of, from scallops made from mushrooms to breakfast scrambles made from chickpeas.

Looking for some new recipes to add into your weekly lineup? We’ve compiled 11 TikTok chefs that are sure to give you some inspiration for your next meal.

11 TikTok Chefs You Need to Follow

1. Remy Morimoto Park, @veggiekins

Remy Morimoto Park, creator of @veggiekins, is a New York City-based recipe developer serving up yummy vegan and gluten-free recipes that heal and nourish. One look at her gorgeous account and you’ll want to try out every recipe she’s got.

2. Tabitha Brown, @iamtabithabrown

If you’ve ever used TikTok, there’s a chance you’ve seen at least one of Tabitha Brown‘s videos. Brown’s wildly popular cooking account has amassed over four million followers. NBD. She’s also known as “America’s Mom” for her relaxing vegan recipe videos that soothe the soul.

3. Will Edmond, @willedmond

Will Edmond is proof that plant-based food can be healthy and downright delicious. With mouth-watering recipes like vegan bacon donuts and vegan barbecue nachos, how can you resist?

4. Joanne Molinaro, @thekoreanvegan

Joanne Molinaro is a Korean American lawyer, long-distance runner, and the mind behind @thekoreanvegan. We love her not only for the beautifully-produced vegan Korean recipes, but also the captivating stories she tells alongside them.

5. George Lee, @chez_george



♬ original sound – George Lee

Craving some seriously delicious vegan Asian comfort food? This is the account for you. George Lee is a Taiwanese chef who believes vegan cooking has allowed him to both bridge his love for science and cooking, and also take pride in his heritage.

6. Carleigh Bodrug, @plantyou

Carleigh Bodrug is the bubbly, fun chef behind the TikTok account @plantyou. She’s often showcasing amazing vegan versions of popular foods and even has a series called “Scrappy Cooking” where she shares how to make delectable dishes out of food scraps.

7. Arn, @lvl1vegan

Arn is the Filipino content creator behind @lvl1vegan. He says being vegan has allowed him to become more immersed in his identity so he could veganize some of his favorite comfort foods, including lumpia (a Filipino version of egg rolls) and adobo (a dish typically made with meat that’s been marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic).

8. Charley, @foodiecharlie

Charley has a BSc in food science and nutrition and is on a mission to make healthy eating easy. She’s always making unique and fun plant-based dishes that are easy to follow and defy the “bland vegan food” archetype.

9. Stephanie Manzinali, @that.veganbabe

Stephanie Manzinali has a passion for plant-based nutrition and is always sharing healthy, delicious, and easy recipes with the world. She’s made all the food of your dreams, from vegan feta cheese to a copycat of McDonalds’ apple pies.

10. Mary Elizabeth, @maryelouis


If you don’t wanna miss those chorizo-inspired crumbles tap the plus sign. #plantbased #foodie #easyrecipe #cheesy #vegancooking

♬ Bloom (Bonus Track) – The Paper Kites

Mary left her corporate fashion job to go to plant-based culinary school, and we’re so glad she did. She’s a talented personal chef and a content creator that focuses on nutrient-dense, flavorful food.

11. Turnip Vegan, @turnipvegan

Turnip Vegan went plant-based back in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. He’s constantly impressing even non-vegans with his flavorful takes on everyone’s favorite foods. Vegan animal-style fries and chili? Count us in.

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These TikTokers are always wowing us with their creative plant-based recipes.

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