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Pottery and Brass Earrings

by Mulxiply

Asymmetrically in-balance, this circular stack of pottery and brass is part of Mulxiply’s collaboration with Campfire Pottery. Both elements are made by hand and can be worn as a set with the ceramic stone behind or in front of the ear. No two styles are the same as each piece of Raku Pottery reacts differently when it’s fired. Differences can be expected and embraced.

Why We Love This Product

It's made ethically, sustainably, and has the following values:

Pottery and Brass Earrings
Traditional Crafted
Products made by artisans using traditional techniques
Pottery and Brass Earrings
Products are handmade by artisans
Pottery and Brass Earrings
Empowers Women
Gives back to women through employment or through partnership with a non-profit dedicated to women.