How to Upcycle a Rug Into a Boho-Inspired Pin Board, According to a DIY Pro

"This is the perfect low-waste way to add some decor and organization to your home office. "

An organized space is good for the mind, and with this hack, it’s also good for the planet. Tina Le, a DIY pro on YouTube, recently shared a video that demonstrates how you can transform an everyday rug into a beautiful (and functional) DIY pin board.

“This DIY is such a fun way to display and organize items in your office or your bedroom,” she says. “I could totally see this being used in so many spaces since it’s very customizable and is a cute decor piece that’s also super functional.”

To get started, all you need is a small rug (try upcycling one you already have, or find one secondhand to make the project more planet-friendly), a dowel, a string, and a piece of cardboard. Whether you’re looking for a way to organize your sticky notes, or you need a place to hang the many photos of your pup, this adorable DIY pin board is the perfect solution.

How to Make a DIY Pin Board

Ready to create your DIY pin board? To start, Le says to fold your rug in half and iron out any creases. Next, take the dowel and sandwich it between the two layers of your now crisp, clean rug. About two inches should poke out on each end. If the rod is too long, trim it with a hacksaw (as she demonstrates in the video above).

Once the rod is the correct length, sand down the edges (again, we’re going for crisp and clean here, folks!), then create your faux cork board. This is where the cardboard comes into play. Find a piece that’s about the same size as your rug. Like the dowel, Le says to sandwich it between the two layers.

Make sure there’s no cardboard peeking out of the edges, then hot glue the cardboard to the rug. Once your faux cork is secure, you can then hot glue the edges of the rug together to ensure the board is fully enclosed. 

How to Hang Your DIY Pin Board 

Now that your board is made, it’s time to put it to use. First take a piece of string or rope and tie it around each end of the dowel. Pro tip: If you want to add a little more pizazz to your new tapestry, you can paint a pattern on it before hanging it like Le did.

Then, using a nail or another hanging mechanism, carefully place your new organization tool on the wall. Pin up some notes and photos using thumb tacks and you’re good to go. Eco-organization achieved.

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This is the perfect low-waste way to add some decor and organization to your home office.

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