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eco-friendly mother's day
12 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Mother's Day
Celebrate your mom *and* Mother Earth this year. Here's how to have a more sustainable Mother's Day, from handmade gifts to outdoor excursions.
eco-friendly valentine's day
5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day, From Gifting to Getaways
Love is even more romantic when it's sustainable. Here's how to enjoy an eco-friendly Valentine's Day.
eco-friendly valentine's day cards
A Drop of Water Turns These Kid-Approved Valentine's Day Cards Into Sponges
Valentine's Day just got more sustainable with these kid-approved cards that turn into reusable, biodegradable sponges.
diy winter candles
Making Your Own DIY Winter Candles? Here Are 7 Seasonal Scents to Consider
From peppermint to pumpkin spice, these scents will ensure that your DIY winter candles fill your home with comfort and joy.
laziest animals
7 of the Laziest Animals to Inspire Your Seasonal Slow Down
The winter months may be chaotic, but they also offer some time to chill out. Here are some of the world's laziest animals to help inspire you to do less.
presents for hard to gift people
12 Presents for the Most Hard-to-Gift People in Your Life
Not everyone is easy to shop for. These presents are perfect for even the most hard-to-gift people in your life, from adventurers to foodies.
eco-friendly sustainable black friday cyber monday sales
The Best Eco-Friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales of 2022
Looking for eco-friendly and sustainable Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals? These are the best ones to add to your list.
gratitude for planet
5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude for the Planet
The holidays are the perfect time to pause and pay attention to what's really important. Here are five simple ways to show your appreciation for the planet.
most returned christmas gifts
57% of Gen-Z and Millennials Have Returned an Unwanted Gift—Here's What to Add to Your 'Do-Not-Buy' List
In a recent survey, more than half of Gen-Z and Millennials admitted to returning a gift. Here are the most-returned items to avoid.
12 Sustainable Gifts You'll Want to Open Early
The holidays call for some comfy (or party-ready) extras. Here, a selection of sustainable gifts you'll want your giftee to open early.
vegetarian thanksgiving recipes
15 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes the Whole Family Will Love
If you're looking to add some vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to your holiday spread, these flavorful options won't disappoint.
turkey leftover recipes
15 Ways to Use Turkey Leftovers to Cut Down on Food Waste
Making new recipes with turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving keeps your fridge (and the landfill) clear. Start with these delicious options.
diy pet halloween costumes
11 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friends
From cute and delicious snacks to spooky (and simple) ensembles, these DIY pet Halloween costumes will get your furry friends in the seasonal spirit. Plus, you likely have all the materials already.
15 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself
From Don't Worry Darling to Euphoria, these pop culture Halloween costumes won't disappoint. Better yet, you can DIY them in minutes.
7 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Make From Upcycled Waste
Have an eco-friendly holiday with these DIY Halloween decorations you can make from upcycled waste. There's giant spiders, ghosts, and more.
How to Host a Halloween Costume Swap for an Eco-Friendly Holiday
Buying a new Halloween costume every year can create unnecessary waste. Be planet-friendly by hosting a Halloween costume swap.
group halloween costume ideas
15 DIY Group Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make in Minutes
These group Halloween costumes are easy to put together using what you already have, saving money and reducing waste.
5 Ways to Minimize Waste While Carving Pumpkins
Billions of pounds of pumpkin waste end up in landfills each year. Luckily, there are countless ways to reduce your pumpkin waste that are both fun and sustainable.
This Pillow Cover Hack Requires Nothing But a Holiday Blanket
Want to give your throw pillows a festive touch? This Christmas pillow cover hack requires nothing but a holiday blanket.