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Read our most recent articles covering eco-friendly lifestyle tips, climate change information, zero-waste recipes, animal news, sustainable trends, and more.

diy swiffer pads
3 Ways to Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer Pads
Swiffer's cleaning products are convenient but inherently unsustainable. Here are three simple ways to make your own DIY Swiffer pads to keep your routine eco-friendly.
homemade baby food recipes
Sustainable Homemade Baby Food Recipes That Use What You Already Have
Making your own baby food is easier than you think. Here are the best (and tastiest!) recipes to start with, using what you already have in your fridge.
7 DIY Gifts You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes for the Holidays
DIY gifts are both special and planet-friendly. Here are some options you can make in under 30 minutes for the holidays.
Which Type of Christmas Tree Is Most Eco-Friendly? 5 Popular Options, Ranked
We ranked five types of Christmas trees to uncover which is the most eco-friendly and sustainable: live, artificial, rented, and more.
10 Nonprofits to Support on Giving Tuesday and Every Day
Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to support your favorite nonprofits. Here are 10 Brightly staff picks to start with.
celestial events december 2022
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This December
December's sparkle extends to the skies. Here are three celestial events to watch for in December 2022.
best non-dairy creamers
10 Best Non-Dairy Creamers for Your Morning Coffee, According to RDs
Your morning cup of coffee is already good, but the right creamer can make it even better. Here are the best non-dairy creamers to try.
5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
You can take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sustainably and responsibly. These shopping tips will help you keep the planet in mind.
10 Leftover Ham Recipes to Use After Your Thanksgiving Feast
Cut down on your holiday food waste by repurposing excess ingredients—starting with these leftover ham recipes.
black-naped pheasant-pigeon
The Bird Is Back: A Pigeon Thought Extinct Has Been Spotted in Papua New Guinea
The black-naped pheasant-pigeon was recently captured on camera—the first sighting of the bird since 1882.
ocean acidification
Research Oceanographer Jessica Cross Talks Ocean Acidification—and What We Can Do to Help
The carbon emitted into our atmosphere is also absorbed into our seas, a process known as ocean acidification. Here's what you need to know.
experience gifts
8 Unique Experience Gifts for Everyone on Your List
Experience gifts allow you to give friends and family a new skill, hobby, or activity. Here are some of our favorites.
eco-friendly sustainable black friday cyber monday sales
The Best Eco-Friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales of 2022
Looking for eco-friendly and sustainable Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals? These are the best ones to add to your list.
self-care tips
5 Self-Care Tips Everyone Needs This Holiday Season, From a Mental Health Coach
The holidays can be synonymous with stress. Mental health coach Julie Geeting of PALM Health has some self-care tips that will help.
plants that repel bugs mosquitoes
7 Plants That Repel Bugs Naturally, From Mint to Marigolds
Skip the chemical-heavy insect spray in favor of plants that repel bugs naturally. Here, seven options to rid your backyard of pests.
12 Travel Gifts for the Adventurer in Your Life
If you're stuck trying to find outdoorsy gifts and travel gifts for the adventurer in your life, try these unique eco-friendly picks.
how to make baby food
The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Baby Food
Learning how to make baby food isn't just beneficial for your little one—it's also good for the planet. Here's everything you should know.
octopus throws things study
Study Finds That the Gloomy Octopus Likes to Throw Things
A new study shows that one species of octopus tosses debris, sometimes at members of their own species and other fish.
gratitude for planet
5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude for the Planet
The holidays are the perfect time to pause and pay attention to what's really important. Here are five simple ways to show your appreciation for the planet.
Eco-Friendly Kwanzaa Tips: Gifts, Food, Candles, and More
Having an eco-friendly Kwanzaa is easy with these tips. Here are five simple things you can do to make your celebration more planet-friendly.
Holiday Waste Prevention: How Much a Typical Person Generates
Wondering how much holiday waste a typical person generates? Here's everything you should know about reducing your impact.
most returned christmas gifts
57% of Gen-Z and Millennials Have Returned an Unwanted Gift—Here's What to Add to Your 'Do-Not-Buy' List
In a recent survey, more than half of Gen-Z and Millennials admitted to returning a gift. Here are the most-returned items to avoid.
blake lively antique grandma manicure
Blake Lively's 'Antique Grandma' Manicure Is the Ultimate Fall Nail Look—Here's How to Recreate It Sustainably
Blake Lively's "antique grandma" manicure is officially taking over the internet. Here's how to do it yourself, sustainably.
coffee lovers gifts
10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Favorite Coffee Lover
For some, a morning jolt is something of an essential. These gifts for coffee lovers will make every sip more sustainable.
lab-grown meat sustainability fda
Lab-Grown Meat: Is It as Sustainable as It Seems?
The FDA cleared lab-grown meat for human consumption. Here's everything you should know about the sustainable alternative.
native-owned brands
7 Sustainable Native-Owned Brands to Support Now and Always
Supporting Indigenous-owned sustainable brands is a simple way to uplift communities during Native American Heritage Month and beyond.
gift ideas inspired by national geographic
5 Experiential Gift Ideas, as Inspired by National Geographic
The holiday season comes with a lot of waste. This year, why not channel your inner explorer and seek out experience-based gifts for the ones you love? Here are some ideas, as inspired by National Geographic.
12 Sustainable Gifts You'll Want to Open Early
The holidays call for some comfy (or party-ready) extras. Here, a selection of sustainable gifts you'll want your giftee to open early.
vegan thanksgiving recipe
This Vegan Thanksgiving Sheet Pan Recipe Takes 45 Minutes to Make
Plant-based eaters, listen up! Preparing a holiday meal is easy and healthy with this recipe from Catherine Perez of Plant-Based RD.
eco-friendly sustainable moving tips
10 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips You Need to Reduce Waste
Whether it’s boxes, driving long distances, or getting rid of clutter, moving creates a lot of waste. These tips make moving more eco-friendly and sustainable.
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