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How to Make a Vegan Version of the Snicker’s-Flavored Magic Shell Yogurt Cup That's All Over TikTok

Making a vegan version of the magic shell yogurt cup that's become TikTok famous is easy. Here's everything you need to recreate the dessert.

Written by
Tehrene Firman
It seems like everywhere I look, everyone is making the TikTok-famous Snickers-flavored yogurt cup that comes complete with a
magic shell topping. The kind you can hardly wait to sink your spoon into.
The viral video posted by Monique Volz, the founder of
Ambitious Kitchen,
now has more than five million views and nearly 500,000 likes. And it's easy to see why everyone is obsessed: the recipe is super simple and uses ingredients you likely already have at home.
First, you grab some yogurt and mix in a little peanut butter. Then add melted dark chocolate on top and sprinkle on some peanuts and sea salt. After freezing for 10 minutes, the chocolate shell hardens and it comes out tasting like a Snickers ice cream bar. What could be better?

high protein peanut butter cup yogurt cups! you must try this magic 🤌🏼

♬ original sound - Ambitious Kitchen
One quick scroll through the comment section will make you want to give the dessert a try. But if you're looking to
lessen your environmental impact
by making a vegan version, you're in luck. With a couple of tweaks, creating a
version of the original is a breeze.
To make this dessert vegan, simply swap the dairy yogurt for a dairy-free version. Some of the most popular brands you can find at
chain stores
include So Delicious, Silk, and Siggi's. Then, ensure your
dark chocolate bar
doesn't contain milk. Lily's, Alter Eco, Chocolove, Theo, and Hu Kitchen all have vegan options available.

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One other way to make your dessert more eco-friendly is to skip the single-serve plastic yogurt containers most people are opting for when making this recipe. Instead, buy a larger tub (if the option is available) and add your desired amount of yogurt to a small bowl to enjoy. It's a simple way to cut down on
plastic waste
Ready to try this Snickers-flavored magic shell yogurt cup recipe for yourself? Follow the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen below!

Vegan Magic Shell Yogurt Cup Recipe

magic shell yogurt cup tiktok
Photos: TikTok/@AmbitiousKitchen
1 Tbsp peanut butter
Dairy-free vanilla yogurt
1-2 Tbsp melted dark chocolate
Chopped peanuts
Sea salt
1. Mix peanut butter (or another nut/seed butter) into vanilla yogurt.
2. Top with melted dark chocolate, chopped peanuts, and a little sea salt.
3. Freeze for 10 minutes to harden the chocolate.
4. Crack into it with a spoon and fall in love.
Craving more sustainable treats? You can find more of Ambitious Kitchen's plant-based recipes at