Our Black Friday Sale Is Here! 9 Eco-Friendly Products We’re Gifting This Year

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Our Top Eco-Friendly Product Picks for Black Friday (+ How We Shop Sustainably!)

Black Friday and sustainability typically don’t go hand-in-hand. An estimated 72 million Americans plan on partaking in the sales and deals this year alone, and in 2020, $14 billion was spent over Black Friday weekend. But if consumers shopped mindfully and supported eco-friendly brands instead of mega marketplaces and big-box stores, the holiday could be a lot more planet-friendly.

If you’re in the market for sustainable products, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great for stocking up on essentials and trying new brands. It’s also the perfect opportunity to gift family and friends with items that will help them live more sustainably. Instead of seeing Black Friday as a bad thing, see it as an opportunity.

“Black Friday really doesn’t have to be an evil thing,” Liza says. “You can use your conscious consumer dollars for good and purchase quality products on a budget that will last and that you will enjoy and truly cherish.”

In this week’s episode of Good Together, Laura and Liza are sharing their top picks from the Brightly Shop. And, psst—you might notice some products are already discounted for Black Friday, allowing you to shop slow and mindfully this week. Here are our go-tos for gifting this season.

9 Eco-Friendly Products to Shop for Black Friday

1. Bamboozle Prep ‘n Serve Tray Set (GWP on Orders Over $100!)

🚨 Keep an eye out on the shop! Soon, you can get this product free with any order over $100! 🚨

Why Liza Loves It: “The Gift With Purchase for Black Friday is a Prep ‘n Serve Tray Set from a company you’ve probably already heard us talking about: Bamboozle. By shopping with us during the Black Friday deal, you’re getting the entire set for free—an $80 retail value. The first 100 people who spend over $100 with us will get this set for free.”

2. Brightly Wishcloth (Greeting Card Dishcloth), $9


Why Laura Loves It: “It’s basically a greeting card that doubles as a Swedish dishcloth. Just one of these Wishcloths can actually replace 17 rolls of paper towels. You get to write your greeting on it and give it to somebody in an envelope. Then when they’re done using that Wishcloth, they can just compost it. We have it available in two different designs. I’m gifting these to pretty much everybody on my list instead of just using a normal card.”

3. National Park Candles That Give Back, $25

eco-friendly stocking stuffers

Why Laura Loves It: “We have some candles available that have scents inspired by the National Parks, like Mount Rainier. They’re also made here in the U.S. In addition to being inspired by the National Parks, they have these really cool designs on them that are very outdoorsy, and they smell wonderful.”

4. Socks That Protect Sloths, $15

Why Laura Loves It: “What’s cool about these socks is they’re made with eco-friendly materials. They’ve got fair labor, but each sock actually gives back to a different nonprofit, too. We picked a few that we felt really aligned with our audience. But it’s just nice that this isn’t just a product you’re going to use, but it’s also giving back.”

5. Brightly Cozy Coffee Gift Set, $45

Why Laura Loves It: “We’ve been working with another company on developing an alternative to a K-cup—a single-use coffee pod, if you will. You put the Brightly Brew steeped coffee bags in your mug like you would brew tea. We have an amazing organic and Fair Trade blend that tastes so good, and it’s great for on-the-go.”

6. Sustainable Skincare Gift Set, $38 (Was $75!)

Why Liza Loves It: “This gift set features four different products from brands you’ll love. If you want to encourage your friend to try at least a few clean beauty products, this is a great one to give.”

7. Conscious Kids Gift Set, $55 (Was $60!)

Why Laura Loves It: “Our kids gift set has three different things in it. The first is a fun, educational game called Animals at Risk. We also have a unisex hat and eco playdough. It’s not made out of a bunch of toxic materials; it’s more natural.”

8. Eco-Friendly Pet Parent Gift Set, $50

pet gifts

Why Laura Loves It: “If you’re a dog parent, we have a box with some really cool stuff in there. We have ethically-made socks, eco-friendly bar soap to use to wash your pups, and a treat and a toy from a company called Wild One. The toy is made from recycled plastic and it’s really durable.”

9. Low-Waste Kitchen Discovery Set, $50 (Was $65!)

Why Liza Loves It: “The coolest thing about this gift set is that it comes with Brightly-exclusive products that are absolutely bestsellers for us. The Swedish dishcloths come in a set of three in Brightly-exclusive designs made by a female artist. There’s also Brightly-exclusive Beeswax Wraps, a Stasher bag, and a bamboo dish brush.”

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