Folding Your Sustainable Fitted Sheet Is Easy with These 6 Simple Steps

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"Take the frustration out of folding with this simple process!"

There are few things more frustrating than trying to fold a fitted sheet. Luckily, Alyssa Barber, Brightly’s resident sustainability expert, shared how to make the process a little less painstaking in a recent TikTok video

Before we get into the hack, one thing to note is that Barber isn’t just folding any sheets. They’re from Sheets & Giggles and were made sustainably from eucalyptus. Aside from being a better option for the planet, they’re also insanely soft and breathable.

“If you’re a sleep sweater like me, forget your ever were because they’re amazingly cooling,” Barber says. “It’s the softest bedding I’ve ever owned.”

Barber also points out that the corner of the sheets include a small tag indicating which corner of your bed it should go on. This turns the laborious task that is bed-making into a breeze of an activity. But now we’re just getting ahead of ourselves: back to folding. Continue reading for the best way to fold a fitted sheet.

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The Best Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet

1. First lay your fitted sheet out on a flat surface. Insert your hands into two corners, then fold the sheet in half, taking the two corners your hands are in and tucking them into the two opposing corners. 

2. With your sheet now folded in half, take the right side of the sheet and fold it in so it meets the middle.

3. Take the left side and fold it over the right side. Your sheets should now resemble a small rectangle. 

4. Take that small rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise.

5. Take one end and fold it so it meets the middle.

6. Fold over once more to make the final square, and voilà—you’ve just mastered the best way to fold a fitted sheet, no frustration necessary.

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Take the frustration out of folding with this simple process!

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