7 Beautiful Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want to Give #TinyLiving a Try

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"I've dreamed of owning a tiny home for years. Escape to a simpler life with me!"

During complicated and stressful times, simplification of day-to-day life has never sounded better. Tiny homes allow you to do just that—and better the planet in the process.

Tiny homes have only gotten more popular in recent years. They’re a more affordable alternative to typical homes: The building costs are lower, as are the utility bills. Downsizing and living in a tiny home is also a planet-friendly move, as it uses fewer materials and requires less energy to heat and cool the space.

Maybe you have a serious case of cabin fever and are itching to get out and see the world right now. Or maybe you’re looking to simplify your life, or you want to reduce your financial or environmental footprint. Whatever the case may be, spending some time in a tiny home is a great way to unwind. (It may even convince you to jump into #tinyliving full-time!)

Here are some beautiful tiny homes that are sure to bring a little joy to your day. And who knows—maybe even provide some inspiration for the future.

7 Beautiful Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You

1. Salmon-Hued Tiny Home on Wheels

tiny homes
Photo: The Design Files

Everything about this tiny home is dreamy, from the stunning salmon hues to the vining plants.

2. Pops of Color and Shiplap

Tiny home with deep blue kitchen and wooden flooring
Photo: Mustard Seed Homes

The pops of color and shiplap really make this tiny home stand out. It looks just like a fancy HGTV kitchen—only smaller.

3. Calming Sitting Space

Tiny home with multiple floors and storage drawers
Photo: Modern Tiny Living

The owners of this tiny home thought of an innovative solution for storage and sitting, giving the abode a unique touch.

4. Reclaimed Wood

Beautiful tiny home with lots of windows letting in plenty of light
Photo: Dwell

What’s not to love about the reclaimed wood and full-solar interior of this unique space?

5. Smart Features

Smart tiny home with office space and wooden flooring
Photo: The Tuttle Shuttle via Apartment Therapy

This smartly designed 331-square-foot tiny home has more features than we can list. Something that’s especially unique is the walk-up loft, which comes complete with a landing platform that allows you to fully stand up.

6. Airy Airstream

A beautiful airstream with soft pink furnishings and dark wood kitchen
Photo: The Modern Caravan

This Airstream was completely transformed with bespoke touches, beautiful cabinetry, and more.

7. Lived-In Gem

A tiny home with plenty of storage, kitchen and living area
Photo: Apartment Therapy

This tiny home is the epitome of comfort. While its design is flawless, it still has a cozy, lived-in vibe.

The Takeaway

Would you try tiny living? It’s a great way to slow down, focus on owning fewer and better things, provide a testing ground for zero-waste living, and more. The only problem? Deciding on which style to go with when they’re all this gorgeous.

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I've dreamed of owning a tiny home for years. Escape to a simpler life with me!

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