7 Beautiful Tiny Homes We Wish We Could Escape To

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"I've dreamed of owning a tiny home for years. Escape to a simpler life with me!"

During complicated and stressful times, simplification of day-to-day life has never sounded better. If you’re itching to get out and see the world right now, we hear you. Sometimes the best remedy for cabin fever is escaping somewhere mentally, and we couldn’t think of a better place to stay than a gorgeous tiny home in a new location.

The concept of tiny living and tiny homes appeals to people for different reasons – maybe you’re looking to simplify your life, reduce your financial or environmental footprint, or more. We hope these beautiful interiors and thoughtful living spaces bring you a little bit of joy today!

1) A gorgeous salmon-hued tiny house on wheels

2) Pops of color and shiplap make this tiny home stand out

Tiny home with deep blue kitchen and wooden flooring
From Mustard Seed Homes

3) An innovative solution for storage and sitting lend a unique touch to this abode

4) We’re loving the reclaimed wood and full-solar interior of this unique space

Beautiful tiny home with lots of windows letting in plenty of light
From Dwell

5) This smartly designed 331-square foot tiny home has more features than we can list

Smart tiny home with office space and wooden flooring
The Tuttle Shuttle via Apartment Therapy

6) An Airstream with bespoke touches, custom cabinetry and more

A beautiful airstream with soft pink furnishings and dark wood kitchen
Isla From the Modern Caravan

7) Finally, we love stepping into this lived-in gem with our friends from Apartment Therapy

A tiny home with plenty of storage, kitchen and living area
From Apartment Therapy

Would you try tiny living? We’re tempted to – we think it would be a great way to slow down, focus on owning fewer and better things, provide a testing ground for zero waste living... and more!

I've dreamed of owning a tiny home for years. Escape to a simpler life with me!

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