10 Ways to Gift Experiences To Everyone On Your List

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written by:  Laura Wittig


editor's note:

There's nothing like gifting an experience to a loved one over the holiday. It creates a wonderful story to tell as you open gifts, and later, you'll be contributing to priceless memories.

written by: Laura Wittig


editor's note:

There's nothing like gifting an experience to a loved one over the holiday. It creates a wonderful story to tell as you open gifts, and later, you'll be contributing to priceless memories.

I’m a huge fan of gifting experiences rather than physical items when it comes time to give gifts during the holiday season. Experiences are truly the gift that keeps giving – they create memories and give your recipient a unique thing to do, they support small businesses, and they don’t directly contribute to another item cluttering up a landfill. Here are 10 ideas to fill up your holiday shopping list.

For The Jetsetter – A Flytographer Session

Say goodbye to those awkward tourist photos – for those who love to travel, a gifted Flytographer session is a great way to commemorate an epic trip.

For the Pinterest DIYer – Flower Arranging Class

Creating a stunning bouquet or floral arrangement is harder than it looks, and getting to learn in the company of other creative folks is extremely rewarding. We’ve heard great things about Alice’s Table’s offerings.

For the Couple Who Relies Too Much on Takeout – Cooking Class

Jumpstart your favorite couple or best friend’s culinary journey by gifting them a cooking class. Sur La Table offers a variety of classes nationwide (who knew?!)

For Your Parents – A Brewery, Winery, or Distillery Tour

Craft breweries + distilleries are on the rise globally, and most places have wineries or wine shops willing to sample their wares. Our favorite place to find tours to gift is through Groupon or Viator, both of which offer lots of local options to fit anyone’s tastes.

For Your Zero-Waste Friend: A Subscription to a Meal Planning App

Americans waste around 240 pounds of food per person, per year. Utilizing your raw ingredients smartly cuts down on waste, which is why most people are trying to get the hang of using up all of their leftovers. Gift a subscription to a meal planning app like Ends and Stems (use code BRIGHTLY for 40% Off) or Plan to Eat to help make the process easier!

For Your Favorite Co-Worker: A Farm-to-Table Tour or Horseback Riding Adventure

Airbnb recently launched their Experiences category and it’s chock full of uniquely fascinating experiences to try around the globe or in your backyard. You can browse by theme (we love the “Animals” section), location, and more. Grab an Airbnb Giftcard and let your Secret Santa present be the talk of the office

For Your Music-Obsessed Sibling: Show Tickets

Since your brother won’t stop raving about his latest band discovery, buy him a pair of tickets so he can enjoy the experience with another music lover. Ticketmaster offers gift cards, which is an easy way to let the recipient pick their favorite show on their schedule.

For the Headline Reader: A Newspaper Subscription

Supporting quality journalism is something we’d all like to do, but let’s face it, when confronted with a paywall, most of us navigate to another tab and forget about subscribing. Make it easier for your favorite crossword enthusiast to receive their favorite periodical of choice – we’re fans of gifting digital subscriptions to cut down on paper waste, and the New York Times is a great place to start.

For The Animal Lover: An Animal-Focused Donation

Various NGOs around the world support charitable animal gifting programs that provide various benefits around the world: rescuing orangutans, saving koalas, or symbolically adopting an endangered species.

For the Friend You’re Overdue a Visit To: A Trip Itinerary

It’s way too easy to keep saying “we’ll see each other soon” to old friends and far-flung family members – this year, brainstorm a potential trip you could take with them, create an itinerary, and start to put plans in motion. You could even gift them part of a plane ticket or set aside money for an experience when you get there!



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